Why invest in NX CAM through Applied CAx?


Our combination of a mechanical design firm, machine shop and FEA-CFD consultancy allows us to deliver the strongest support of any Siemens provider in the US.

At Applied CAx we use NX CAM in our work every day. We run our own DMG-Mori DMU-50 and we use NX to drive it. Our experts are skilled in creating custom post-processors and simulation kits. They have decades of in-house experience defining and deploying advanced design tools inside of NX.

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Drive Smarter Product Decisions with NX CAM

NX for Manufacturing provides you with a complete solution for part manufacturing, from CAM to CNC controller. You can improve your part manufacturing productivity:

  • Reduce NC programming and machining time
  • Precisely control your 5-Axis milling
  • Produce better quality parts
  • Maximize use of manufacturing resources

A Complete Computer-Aided Manufacturing Solution

NX provides a complete manufacturing solution for machine tool programming, post-processing and machining simulation. NX CAM's advanced functions in each of its modules can maximize returns on your investments. Discover a wide range of functionality, from simple NC programming to high-speed and multi-axis machining, enabling you to address many tasks with one system.

End your struggles with 5-Axis Programming

If your CAM system can’t handle multi-axis, it’s holding you back. At Applied CAx we run our own DMG-Mori DMU-50 5-axis and we use NX to drive it every day. With 5-axis milling, you can create precisely controlled tool paths on complex surfaces with effective collision and gouge checking.

Through our affiliate company, our machine tool experts create custom order post-processors and simulation kits for 5-axis machines, such as the popular DMU 50 from DMG / Mori Seiki, and an array of machine lineups from leading manufacturers.

The flexibility of NX CAM means that you can easily complete the most demanding jobs. Adopted across many industries including aerospace, automotive, machinery, mold and die, and medical device manufacturing. 

NX CAM resources


Resources we've created such as video tutorials, tips & tricks, and more.

NX CAM Resources
NX CAM Support


Our clients know we provide some of the best NX CAM support around. Want to become a client? Please contact us.

NX CAM Support
NX CAM training


Instructor-led CAM training interspersed with project-style use

NX CAM Training

NX CAM Product Infosheets (PDF)

NX CAM Foundation Resources

NX CAM Foundation

Download an infosheet on NX CAM Foundation, the cornerstone of every NX CAM product configuration.

NX Advanced 5-axis

NX Advanced 5-Axis Machining

The NX Advanced 5-Axis Machining product provides a complete CAD/CAM package focused on milling any geometry with up to 5 axes of simultaneous motion.

NX CAM for Machinery

NX CAM for Machinery

Information on optimized NC programming for machinery and heavy equipment.


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Michael Grant linkedin


Michael Grant is Applied CAx's Director of Manufacturing Technologies. Designing injection molds in CAD and program mold-making in CAM, Michael drives the development process from beginning to end. Customer looking for support? You'll probably get help from Michael.

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Matt 300px


Matt Martin is Mechanical Design Engineer for Applied CAx and Sherpa Design, handling our NX CAD support and aspects of our Teamcenter services. Matt has been with the team since 2006 and is our go-to expert for NX support, service, and training.

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Hank Boehmer


Hank Boehmer is NX CAM Application Engineer for Applied CAx and Sherpa Design. Hank focuses on post-processor development, machine simulation, creating custom controller macros, integrated probing routines, and NX CAM support for our software clients

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Applied CAx and Sherpa Design were able to perform our upgrade at a reasonable cost, work through unexpected problems, and safely migrate our system with a sound roll-back strategy. They worked closely with our internal support team, and were very responsive to issues and concerns. Overall, we were very happy with the upgrade and are planning to use their services for our next upgrade.

Eric Fischer
IT Director / NuScale Power

Prior to partnering with Applied CAx for our PLM needs, there were many challenges our company was facing. Applied CAx leveraged their expertise and guided our company in establishing a robust platform that stabilized the Teamcenter installation and got our company on the right path for developing Teamcenter as more of a fundamental building block for our future business processes...

The confidence of our company that Teamcenter will help hit our future targets is now very high.


Brian Loeffler