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Learn about what’s new in FEMAP 11.3, including new and improved pre- and postprocessing functionality, new model visualization tools, meshing enhancements, performance improvements, solver-specific enhancements and much more.

Getting set up with FEMAP 11.3 for the first time? Take a look at our presentation, "Introduction to Modeling and Analysis with FEMAP v11.3"

For more features, visit the product page from Siemens PLM.


When you're looking to invest your resources, why choose Applied CAx?


    Applied CAx is co-owned by working FEA consultants. George Laird, PhD, and Adrian Jensen, PE, operate Predictive Engineering, bringing more than 20 years of finite element analysis experience in solving difficult analysis challenges.

    Our library of FEMAP Technical Seminars provides an ongoing resources for users to learn, engage, and reference. Our customers receive full access to all of our resources. Crafted by working FEA engineers for those working in the trenches encountering and solving problems everyday. New seminars are posted quarterly.

    Our support commitment to our customers is unparalleled. We consistently receive high marks for our fast, efficient, and deep FEMAP support provided via phone, email, and web.

    Along with our online seminars, we offer week-long training courses that receive stellar ratings. These courses are usually twice a year, and customized onsite training is always an option, feel free to inquire.

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Cutting at its best

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Key Knife’s R&D department allows the company to maintain its market-leading position by continually incorporating innovative wood-cutting technology into new products. The challenge over the years has been to go from an innovative idea to a marketable product more quickly. “We have one overseas competitor and several others here in the Pacific Northwest. There aren’t that many but we still have to make sure our technology stays ahead,” says John Greiner, a mechanical engineer at Key Knife. The R&D department’s other mission is to help Key Knife diversify into other industries. Currently the company is looking at applying its cutting technology to plastics recycling.

Receive a Free 45-Day Trial of FEMAP & NX Nastran

Try FEMAP with NX Nastran and explore the state-of-the-art modeling functionality of FEMAP with the powerful analysis capabilities of the industry-leading NX Nastran solver. See how these comprehensive simulation and analysis applications can help you save money and reduce time to market through optimized designs, reduced prototyping and physical testing. In this download you will get access to the full version of FEMAP with NX Nastran as well as Dynamic Response and Design Optimization. There are no restrictions on the number of saves, model sizes or other factors that would limit your ability to simulate and analyze complete product designs.

Introductory Monthly Pricing for FEMAP Licenses

FEMAP is now available by subscription on a monthly basis. Select the product configuration that best suits your business needs, ranging from FEMAP standalone to the bundled FEMAP with NX Nastran and advanced Dynamic Response analysis. Choose the package that best fulfills your functionality requirements.

Keep in mind that your subscription payments cannot be applied to future purchases.

Interactively supports a broad range of capabilities
The range of capabilities in the base module includes linear and statics, normal modes, buckling, basic nonlinear and heat transfer. In addition NX Nastran for FEMAP includes additional options for dynamics - that includes transient/dynamic, frequency/harmonic response, response spectrum, random response DDAM (Dynamic Design Analysis Method) - as well as advanced nonlinear analysis, aeroelasticity, superelements, optimization, rotor dynamics and DMAP (Direct Matrix Abstraction Program).

The product configuration provides a wealth of functionality in the base module as well as allowing for great flexibility and scalability extending to the most advanced types of analysis that are able to handle the toughest engineering problems.

Integration with NX Nastran
FEMAP has a 15 year history of working as a pre- and post processor to Nastran. In addition to NX Nastran, FEMAP is also able to support other versions of Nastran including MSC/MD Nastran and NEiNastran. All of these solvers can be easily encapsulated within FEMAP while providing a high degree of solution control to the user.

Detailed and complete NX Nastran controls
Within FEMAP it is possible to directly define & control most aspects of the NX Nastran simulation. From controlling the solution options (such as defining an iterative solution), param keyword settings, specific job controls (such as restart controls, executive controls & manual controls with DMAP), case controls (load and constraint definition), model checking (geomcheck controls, weight & ground checks), and detailed result generation requests.

VisQ solution job management
VisQ actively manages NX Nastran solutions from FEMAP, and provides users with advanced tools to define, schedule and track simulations

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