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Affected Software: NX 11.0.2
Scope: Windows 64-Bit & Linux 64-Bit
Maintenance Pack 4 for NX 11.0.2 is now available on the Siemens PLM Download Server.

NX 11.0.2 MP4 is an accumulation of fixes built for installation on top of Windows 64-Bit and Linux 64-Bit images of NX 11.0.2.

To find the release package for your platform, click here.

Note: A valid WebKey account is required.

From the Full Product Download page, Enter "11.0.2.mp04" (including the quotes) in the Search box to see a list of links to the release letter and available release packages.

Alternatively, the release packages can be found in the file navigator by selecting the ‘NX’ button and then navigating through the directory structure by selecting Product updates > Maintenance-packs > NX11 > platform.

In order to better respond to the ever-growing simulation needs of our customers, Siemens PLM Software has decided to replace the NX Motion Simulation (UG11031) product and the NX Mechanism product (UG2620) with the product NX Motion (NX30557). This solver provides the same as well as additional enhanced multi-body simulation solver capabilities.

The replacement and retirement of NX Motion Simulation (UG11031) and Mechanism product (UG2620) will take full effect at the release of NX 13. To allow customers to gradually transition to the new product and solver, the replacement product (NX Motion, NX30557) is available today with NX 11. This ensures that customers have ample time to validate the new solver technology on proprietary data and processes.