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This video is in response to a support question where a customer was having issues with NX allowing off-axis drilling. There is a setting in the MCS which will allow this. Without this setting Feature-Based Machining (FBM) will not work for anything other than normal to Z+ axis. We cover if you're doing 5-axis or any multi-axis, non-normal to Z vector drilling. We use a sample file that is available for download and also a PDF introduction to FBM.

Part file available for download in the full article


Today's tech tip video will help you find where your NX CAM post processor files are stored. This is helpful in cases where you need to send it for outside support. Because there are different directories that these can be stored in, and because there are also different variables that can control for your environment, the easiest way to find them will be to follow these instructions.

This could be a handy tutorial for those who don’t know much about sketching. Sketching is used to create geometry like extrude, for cases such as when a piece of metal is extruded. In this example, we’re creating a hold-down extrusion area. Sketching can also be helped with curves for water jets, or for a wire machine, so you’re getting profile geometry.