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Affected Software: Teamcenter Manufacturing
Associated PR Number(s):N/A
Scope: Linux64,Win64

Teamcenter 11.3.0_tcm has been released. This is a Teamcenter Manufacturing specific release which only contains enhancements specific to the Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP) application. Otherwise this release is identical to Teamcenter 11.3.0 including the installation process. The behavior and functionality for all other Teamcenter applications should be  identical to the original Tc11.3.0 release.  If you do not use the MPP application you can ignore this release.

This release is available under Product Updates for Teamcenter under the SP_MP_MinorRelease/Integrations_and_Solutions/TcMfg directory

Affected Software: Teamcenter Gateway for SAP S/4HANA 11.3
Associated PR Number(s): N/A
Scope: AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows32 and Windows64
Revision: T4S4 CR6219_AR17109

UCON Blacklist (SAP OSS note 2416705)

To prevent incompatibly changed function-modules that are called over RFC from external (which could lead to inconsistent data), SAP has implemented a blacklist object.

Functions from this UCON blacklist can not be called from an external system.

The blacklist contains some SAP functions which have been used by Teamcenter Gatway products in the past. The UCON blacklist will be updated by SAP on demand.