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FEMAP Support

Support for FEMAP & NX Nastran, the leading pre- & post-processor for advanced FEA.

FEMAP Support
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George Laird


George Laird, Phd, PE, is Principal Mechanical Engineer for Applied CAx and Predictive Engineering. Author of over 40 publications on wear, fracture mechanics and finite element analysis, and the “Abrasion-Resistant Cast Iron Handbook.”

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Adrian Jensen 378 square


Adrian Jensen, PE, is a Senior Application Engineer for Applied CAx and a Senior Staff Engineer at Predictive Engineering. Adrian specializes in all things FEMAP: geometry modeling, meshing, analysis, post processing and programming with the FEMAP API.

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Nathan Anderson


Nathan Anderson, EIT, is our NX CAE and NX Nastran Expert and a Staff Engineer at Predictive Engineering. He specializes in stress, vibration and fatigue analysis, as well as design optimization of large welded structures and industrial equipment.

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The Globus Project was to consolidate Siemens Energy (Oil and Gas) engineering systems from several divisions into a single unified engineering system. The consolidation required data model changes, migration from current engineering systems, integration with Atlas (SAP) and multiple CAD systems. Project membership spiked around 80 people, composed mainly of Siemens AG representing the business and Siemens PLM Services representing the change agents. There were a handful of people that were outside contractors and one of those was Randy Ellsworth.

Randy joined the project in Finspang, SE (FSP) with no background and very little turnover as the Teamcenter administrator. At the time, the project consisted of twenty Teamcenter development environments running concurrently on a single Sun server. The cost of upgrading the Sun server was prohibitive to the growth of the project and everything was soon migrated to Windows tiered servers. Due to business reasons the project moved to Gorlitz, DE (GLZ).

While in GLZ, Randy performed exceptionally well and assumed the role of Infrastructure architect under the superb leadership of Peter Spierling. A mixture of physical and virtual servers were stood up and configured as needed to facilitate data migration using global services, several development environments, a quality assurance environment, a training environment and a production environment were maintained or rebuilt as required. The production environment, besides being separated vertically, was also expanded horizontally so that the application tier consisted of three servers and the web tier consisted of two servers behind a load-balancer to accommodate the load and fail over. Randy successfully mentored several people in his role and regularly scheduled tasks for them. Randy was instrumental in the successful “go live” rollout to Production of the Globus project for the GLZ business units then the project moved to Nurnberg, DE (NBG).

While in NBG, Randy mentored two more people in his infrastructure role while assigning tasks and keeping the project on schedule. At one point, the infrastructure totaled over 80 physical and virtual windows servers being maintained by the Infrastructure team. Randy worked directly with the project managers for the business, Ralf Domhoever, and Siemens PLM Services, Andreas Bellm while completing tasks assigned by the Infrastructure Team Lead, Peter Spierling. Randy directly worked with the Migration Team Lead to support their heavy usage and implement performance improvements for global services. Randy also directly worked with the Deployment Team Lead to ensure that templates, patches and system updates were performed regularly and without issue. Often work needed to be completed after hours and over weekends to meet the schedule without affecting normal business and solution development. After over two years, Randy successfully handed over the Infrastructure tasks to the team he mentored and transitioned out of the project.

The success of the Globus project was due in part to Randy’s participation. His knowledge and experience were instrumental while his cool demeanor during highly stressful events kept everyone at ease. I would gladly engage him again given the opportunity and provide my highest recommendation.

Peter Spierling
GS IT PG CP DBG DM / Globus Project at Siemens Energy Oil & Gas

After making the decision to purchase FEMAP, I knew I would be facing a potentially steep learning curve. I had used MSC Patran for the last 7 years, but had decided to go with FEMAP due to excellent reviews from friends and colleagues. I signed up for the Applied CAx weeklong training course and found myself picking things up very quickly. Adrian and Kyle from Applied CAx really know the program inside and out. They helped build my FEMAP foundation during the day and during breaks would help me with specific problems pertaining to my work. In that week of training, I found FEMAP to be intuitive and the training from Applied CAx to be top notch.

You can't learn everything in a week, so my questions for the team at Applied CAx only increased after the training. Adrian consistently gets back to me within a few hours with helpful tips or insights. Engineers know that you can't extend a deadline because your FEA support was late in getting back to you. This is why I truly appreciate the level of support Applied CAx provides. In some cases, my questions have been related to the inner workings of the Nastran DMAP code. In each case, Adrian put me in contact with the correct person from Siemens within a few hours.

I’ve been impressed by Applied CAx since I purchased FEMAP and I look forward to working with them as my analyses continue to get more complicated. They are an excellent resource and I’m glad to have their support.

Allen Foulstone
Sr. Systems Engineer / Stratolaunch

Applied CAx and Predictive Engineering experts are very knowledgeable about the products we've evaluated and used. They and the other staff provide consistently great support during product evaluation and after purchase.

Matt Bristol

There are other software options and resellers to choose from, but the outstanding technical support and personal service from Applied CAx and Predictive Engineering is above and beyond the competition. George Laird and his dedicated team use the software every day to expertly solve real world problems and then also freely share their knowledge and time when technical support is needed. They provide prompt, professional support which is critical in keeping jobs moving efficiently and keeping our customers happy. They understand the realities of short flow, limited hours, and the need to still get the job done correctly.

Brian Reiling
Brian Reiling Partner/Engineer / Endeavor Analysis

I’ve been working with Predictive Engineering and Applied CAx for more than ten years. Their customer support and technical experience is the best in the industry. Over the years I’ve thrown some pretty arcane questions at Dr. Laird, and on the rare occasion that they don’t have an immediate answer, they’ll dig into the issue and get back to us right away. Combined with their training and other services, Predictive Engineering and Applied CAx is an awesome ally to have as a resource.

Kenneth Biggio
Structural Analysis Lead / Abengoa Solar

After having worked with a couple of FEMAP suppliers in the past I can say that Adrian at Applied CAx has far exceeded my expectations. I seem to never wait more than a few hours for an email response, which is amazing considering we are on opposite coasts.

We use FEA for vessel design and having the support from Applied that helps break down the core problem to simple examples helps in multiple ways:

First, it's the proper FEA technique so we aren't just barrelling through issues, it's a methodical way to a solution.

Second, it's easily explainable to all within the office who are not FEA savvy but are interested in what we do to help our clients. 

On the sales side Erik has accommodated us in every way. Since I am the technical guy here, I have explained to other suppliers to "please change all billing issues to our office manager." Erik is the first one to enact that and stick with it.

All in all Applied CAx has been a pleasure to work with.

Nathan Seelig
Mechanical Engineer, NAMS Associate / Bristol Harbor Group, Inc.

Sherpa Design and Applied CAx helped us upgrade a legacy, pre-release version of Siemens Teamcenter to a newer generally-available version. They helped us through the entire processes, mapping out the upgrade path through multiple minor release versions, moving to a new server operating system, fixing several issues with company-specific customizations, and acting on our behalf with Siemens technical support.

[Sherpa Design and Applied CAx] were able to perform the upgrade at a reasonable cost, work through unexpected problems, and safely migrate our system with a sound roll-back strategy. Sherpa staff worked closely with our internal support team, and were very responsive to issues and concerns. Overall, we were very happy with the upgrade and are planning to use their services for our next upgrade

Eric Fischer
IT Director / NuScale Power

Prior to partnering with Applied CAx for our PLM needs, there were many challenges our company was facing. Applied CAx leveraged their expertise and guided our company in establishing a robust platform that stabilized the Teamcenter installation and got our company on the right path for developing Teamcenter as more of a fundamental building block for our future business processes...

The confidence of our company that Teamcenter will help hit our future targets is now very high.


Brian Loeffler

Michael Grant and Hank Boehmer were very helpful with the questions for CAM issues we were having. Michael was able to help us create tool paths for parts that needed single point thread milling (serrations).

Hank came out to help us with an issue that when we coded files, the tools would only move in linear motions. He took a copy of the file with him to do some research on the issue and reported his results back to us. Both Michael and Hank were prompt at coming out to our shop and getting us answers to our questions.

Chris Aronson
Setup Machinist/Programmer / Arnprior Aerospace

I would rate Applied CAx’s NX CAM support as excellent, entirely because of Michael Grant. When Michael left Applied CAx for a brief time, there were attempts at using Applied CAx for CAM support, but the CAM support personnel we talked to didn’t have the necessary skill sets we were looking for. We were thrilled when he came back.

Michael's fast and very efficient. He has good knowledge of programming tools in my experience. He’s got a breadth of knowledge, and specifically his knowledge about 5-axis programming has been invaluable. I don’t know how long it would have taken us to troubleshoot the generic post for the Siemens control. It’s lucky for us that we have the same machine as Sherpa Design [DMU 50], and Michael has a lot of experience with that machine/control combination.

Michael's also worked with us to incorporate some of our automated shop floor documentation within the post. He’s taken the time to get a good working knowledge of what we have and has recommended better methodologies to do what we have been doing, such that we’re always moving forward. He always seems to be come up with better solutions to what we have been doing.

The thing that I appreciate about Michael is that he’s always going above and beyond to help us out. That’s just the type of person he is, and it speaks highly of Applied’s support. Michael has worked with us on off hours because we have swing shift staffers working on 5-axis issues. He’s called us from his house and worked from his home, which weren’t his standard working hours. You can’t expect everyone to do that.

In terms of response time, I can usually get a response from him very quickly, he’s always very good at getting back to me. If he’s teaching a class, he lets me know. It might be a few days before he can commit his help, but I always know what the score is for the ability for him to help out. He just makes for a great resource. He’s accommodated us when we’ve needed it, made himself available to fit our schedule.

Michael has also made suggestions of how we can make improvements, and how we can streamline our processes, and I’m open to that. We’ve run into situations with upgrades that have caused issues with our internally developed grip programs. We’re looking forward to working with Applied CAx to review our current work flow and recommend how we can streamline our processes using industry best practices.

John Kuran