Convergent Modeling is an exciting modeling paradigm newly delivered with NX 11. It enables designers to interact directly with Facet geometry, providing productivity gains.

Convergent Modeling gives designers the ability to use a combination of facets, surfaces and solids, without the need for time-consuming data conversion. In addition to its ability to juggle multiple types of modeling data, Convergent Modeling makes it easier for engineers to optimize their projects for 3D printing.

Convergent Modeling, the first technology of its kind, could help engineers optimize part design for 3D printing, speed up the overall design process and make reverse engineering a far more common and efficient practice in product design.

Right on time for Halloween 2016, Siemens has created a video example of convergent modeling using a skull. We’re not sure how many mechanical engineers are out there modeling cranial implants, but it definitely helps us here at Applied CAx have a compelling graphic.



For more, please check out this Convergent Modeling article from Siemens PLM Software.