KLK Motorsports uses Simcenter STAR-CCM+ with workflow automation to explore supercar aerodynamic design.

Performance vehicles need to be pushed down onto the track to enable faster cornering, while also creating minimal drag for faster straight-away speed. The challenge is that devices generating downforce, such as wings, also increase drag.

To be competitive, the highest lift-to-drag ratio needs to be found. To impact racing times, aerodynamic engineers need quick feedback on possible design modifications. For simulation, this means complete process from CAD to results, including design changes, needs to be as fast as possible.

KLK Motorsports uses Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to carry out automatic case setup from meshing through running to data analysis and visualization. This results in savings of 70% in engineering time, while at the same time not requiring an extremely high level of knowledge. Best practices in terms of mesh and boundary conditions were applied automatically and different design variants configured and run.

The time savings from process automation allow engineers to look at many more design variations during the tight design window typical of performance vehicles. This enables KLK Motorsports to look at new novel concepts to improve performance of their vehicles compared to the rest of the race track.


Simcenter STAR CCM KLK Motorsport chart