We're proud to be working with Aerion Supersonic during their rollout of the Siemens portfolio. Providing a broad engineering software portfolio and an extensive history of implementation, Applied CAx and Siemens Digital Industries Software will allow Aeron Supersonic to realize the digital thread from design, analysis, test, and certification to streamlining of future manufacturing.

Aerion Supersonic is an American aircraft manufacturer based in Reno, Nevada focused on developing ground-breaking supersonic aircraft. Designed to be efficient and economical, the company also has its sights being environmentally responsible, aiming for a goal of carbon neutrality with the design of their new AS2. With the ability to accept 100% biofuels, they also have plans to offer carbon reduction in addition to carbon offsets.   

Take 5 minutes and listen to Tom Vice, Steve Berroth, and Bissell Smith as they speak on their vision for the AS2 and the future of travel.



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