Have you ever needed to access advanced NX features, but just didn't have the need — or the budget — to justify a purchase? Siemens has announced that starting this summer 2019, Value Based Licensing (AKA token licensing) will be available to those with floating NX Mach 1 licenses and above.

With over 50 different add-on modules available, this is a great option for folks wanting to explore & use other modules without wasting your budget on idle licenses.

Our Teamcenter architects recently completed 3 trainings conducted by Siemens PLM to further their knowledge of Active Workspace Client (AWC).

The trainings ran over the course of a few weeks and they successfully completed the following instructor led courses:

  • Using Active Workspace (4.1) training
  • AWC Installation and System Administration
  • Configuring and Customizing AWC

To reach more users, across functional boundaries, Active Workspace provides access to Teamcenter from familiar office and design applications, and any web browser. You don't have to install the application to have access … or have your computer. From a tablet or smartphone you can review product information, or participate in PLM workflows like design reviews or engineering changes. People across your business — from executives to the shop floor — can use Active Workspace to search as easily as they shop online and gain the insight and information of PLM.

For more on Active Workspace, please visit Siemens PLM.

KLK Motorsports uses Simcenter STAR-CCM+ with workflow automation to explore supercar aerodynamic design.

Performance vehicles need to be pushed down onto the track to enable faster cornering, while also creating minimal drag for faster straight-away speed. The challenge is that devices generating downforce, such as wings, also increase drag.

To be competitive, the highest lift-to-drag ratio needs to be found. To impact racing times, aerodynamic engineers need quick feedback on possible design modifications. For simulation, this means complete process from CAD to results, including design changes, needs to be as fast as possible.

FEA outsourcing dilemma

As FEA consultants for 20+ years, we’ve seen projects from the huge to the itsy-bitsy. A recent small project came in to re-run the numbers for a returning partner. A proposed process change was threatening to ripple through their workflow and potentially domino into a costly overhaul.

They were asked by a customer to increase the preload torque of their fasteners. This was a concern as changing the preload torque would require a change to their manufacturing process. But changing the manufacturing process is a great way to introduce errors, which could be catastrophic.

With every new release of NX, you can expect industry leading technology and solutions. Tod Parrella (NX Design Product Manager) is one of many developers within the NX organization who help create the next generation of design and engineering. Siemens got a chance to sit down with Tod Parrella to discuss what you can expect from this latest release of NX in terms of core design.

Realize the next generation of design and engineering with NX. Releasing January 22nd.

The aircraft conversion market has been pretty hot in the past few years. Applied CAx recently had the great opportunity to meet with Altech, one of our FEMAP support customers focusing on aircraft conversions and aviation MROs (maintenance, repair, and overhauls).

Helping to convert commercial passenger planes into cargo planes, Altech refines the specs for removing all the seats and making sure cargo doesn’t go careening into cockpits, potentially injuring and incapacitating the crew. The industry has undergone rapid growth and shifts in the last few years, with the major players converting previously overlooked plane types such as Boeing 737-700s and Airbus A320s and A321s.