Available for our customers, we've created a new batch of FEMAP APIs. The new tools cover a range of uses from a variety of thermal load conversions, to a rigid body element independent node selector, to a measuring tool displaying distance graphically. We hope our customers find this useful. Not a customer yet? Please contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And in exciting news for those who missed our API training course, we have created a new on-demand video course, "Learn the FEMAP API (Application Programming Interface) for Automation and Customization." Created by our FEMAP guru Adrian Jensen, the course is available for purchase on Amazon. Students receive access to 9 hours of video lessons, our spiral bound class notes, 13 workshops, and supplemental model files & resources.

Congratulations is due to our customer Consolidated Metco on their newest venture. The company has partnered with Protean Electric on an electric in-wheel drive system that provides hybrid-electric solutions for the medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle markets.

The ConMet/Protean in-wheel electric drive system will deliver a robust and efficient hybrid propulsion system designed for commercial trucks, tractors, and trailers. This will enable ConMet's OEM and fleet customers to address the continued tightening of safety and emissions regulations, increasing demands for improved fuel efficiency, weight and drivetrain packaging optimization. It also addresses trends with vehicle demands for long-haul and urban delivery. 

The jointly developed electric wheel end system is compatible with existing vehicles. Other goals for the product include vehicle packaging advantages, reduced complexity, and minimized drivetrain losses for truck, tractor, and trailer applications.

ConMet featured the new electrified hub in its booth at the MidAmerica Trucking Show March 23-25, 2017 in Louisville, KY.


The STAR Global Conference is the annual celebration of STAR-CCM, where the software developer lays claim to being the leader in simulation engineering. Held March 6 - 8, 2017 in Berlin, leading industrial experts detailed how they use CFD and simulation engineering to shape the products of the future while solving some of the most difficult problems engineering has to offer.  

Learn about the latest industrial trends, and their implications on your business.

Do you have a data management platform where your team and suppliers can collaborate, allowing you agile design changes while maintaining your release deadlines? It's never been easier than right now to find, re-use and share accurate CAD data. Make smarter decisions and build better products while eliminating delays in your design processes.

Find out how to leverage product data management in your product lifecycle management environment and how it can eliminate costly errors and delays. In a half hour we’ll cover essential PDM capabilities that streamline your design release process and become your competitive advantage. We’ll cover these key benefits and more,

Managing Complexity with Solid Edge Design Management

Managing Complexity with SolidWorks Design Management

Managing Complexity with Autodesk Design Management

Lucid Energy’s mission is to turn gravity-fed water pipelines around the world into generators of clean, environmentally friendly energy.

The goal is for the LucidPipe Power System to be placed in pipes of water transmission networks, and generate electricity.

Chosen for our 5-axis machining skills, Applied CAx began work on machining the first turbines, called vanes, in the design.