The new art of manufacturing – going beyond 3D printing

NX CAM is leading the industry with support for new hybrid additive manufacturing technologies, where additive manufacturing (metal deposition) is incorporated into a traditional machine tool environment. By building up complex geometries using additive manufacturing, including internal cavities, then machining them for tight tolerances as they are built using subtractive manufacturing, you can manufacture new classes of parts or consolidate many setups into one with this new hybrid additive manufacturing process.

To keep up with customer needs, we've recently developed several new NX classes. We're excited to offer these classes for either onsite or offsite sessions.

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Seattle’s burgeoning aerospace companies received a nice write up this summer. The New York Times listed many of the reasons for the regional boom including available capital, software skills, and serious data wrangling chops.

Congrats to our beloved FEMAP users and customers featured in the article, including Planetary Resources and Vulcan Aerospace.

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