reintroducing michael grant


Reintroducing Michael Grant, NX Applications Engineer

Applied is pleased to welcome Michael Grant back to the team. Michael rejoins us as a Senior NX Applications Engineer. Michael previously served as our Manufacturing Director for on the services side, as well as NX Applications Engineer. 

With 24+ years of experience in design and manufacturing, including setting up manufacturing facilities from scratch for many companies, Michael specializes in understanding the entire product lifecycle. With experience gained and lessons learned in these real-world applications, Michael leads the Siemens NX CAD and CAM training lending his expertise to our customers.

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 advanced post processing in femap  

On demand seminar: Advanced Post Processing – How to Efficiently Share Your FEA Results​​​​​

If you missed the live presentation, this technical seminar is now available for on demand viewing. Join Geoffrey Bee and Adrian Jenson as they take a tour of the PostProcessing Toolbox. Any experienced Simcenter Femap user will know their way around the Toolbox, but it is a worthwhile talking point because it’s always changing and improving.

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the executable digital twin


A conversation about AI and the Executable Digital Twin

"Exploiting AI in Simulation and Test has a bright future."

Siemens' executable digital twin expands the usefulness of the traditional digital twin, in a reduced order model based on simulation as its core engine. In this conversation, Ian McGann, Dr. Herman Van der Auweraer, and Dr. Katrien Wyckaert of Siemens discuss Siemens xDT and AI in the use of simulation. 

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 Mountain biker designs and manufacturers custom carbon fiber bike from scratch using NX  

Mountain biker designs and manufacturers custom carbon fiber bike from scratch using NX

As many of us at Applied are mountain bikers, we found this project completed by a German mountain bike enthusiast fascinating. He goes by "Uncle Bob", and his journey started with an empty screen and ended with custom self-built carbon fiber mountain bike.

The founder of an engineering consultancy, he owned NX CAD software and was experienced with it. While recovering from a cycling injury, with his free time he began directly scribbling in NX with a 'try and error' approach and over the following weeks, his ideas became a solid concept. Bob was especially delighted with the plentiful and individual 3D visualization options NX had to offer, as they enabled him to work creatively and to see the realistic result of his design before building.

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 Siemens and sustamize collaborate to add carbon emissions data to Siemens Xcelerator  

​​​​​​Siemens and sustamize collaborate to add carbon emissions data to Siemens Xcelerator

Decarbonization is a key focus for leading design, engineering and manufacturing organizations. To provide access to the most up to date CO2e emission data for materials and energies, Siemens Digital Industries Software today announces its collaboration with sustamize GmbH, a leading ClimateTech company providing professional technology, data and software solutions enabling companies to measure, optimize and manage CO2 emissions. 

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