Michael Grant linkedinMichael Grant is Applied CAx's Director of Manufacturing Technologies. Designing injection molds in CAD and program mold-making in CAM, Michael drives the development process from beginning to end.

He tackles his projects with extensive hands-on experience. In previous projects, he has shown an ability to decrease cycle times by up to 300% and significantly improve product quality. His passion for design, overall process, and quality improvement continues to grow.

For customers and clients of Sherpa Design and Applied CAx, Michael looks forward to providing personalized, well-equipped solutions.

Michael began his career as Process Engineer in 1998, programming injection molding machines to produce plastic parts for light housings and polycarbonate lenses. During this time he also began to design parts for captive molding and custom molding in 3D CAD. His experience led to doing optimal part design for manufacturability, and then to building the molds in-house.

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