Hank BoehmerHank Boehmer is NX CAM Application Engineer for Applied CAx and Sherpa Design. Hank focuses on post-processor development, machine simulation, creating custom controller macros, integrated probing routines, and NX CAM support for our software clients.

Hank previously worked at orthopedic medical device manufacturer, Acumed, in the plate cell division. Hank rapidly went from training to CNC programming, helping to transition parts from prototypes to production runs at production capacity. There he developed his CNC programming expertise and participated on teams for lean manufacturing and benchmarking.

At King Cycle Group, Hank was part of the CNC programming team in the manufacturing engineering group. Working heavily with the engineering team on prototyping and new product releases, Hank prepared products for production runs and worked as well with the Cielo Frame Company division. Hank participated in the company’s administration of their CAM software, developing their post-processors in-house. At King Cycle Group, Hank realized his growing interest in software development, and how it can be applied to his manufacturing and engineering background.

Hank attended the intensive 15-week program at Portland Tech Academy, further merging his interests in coding and manufacturing. Working at Applied CAx has given him the opportunity to utilize his software development skills, coupled with his manufacturing and CNC machine programming expertise. He enjoys the challenges of working on the forefront of cutting edge technology, and solving the newest puzzles with NX CAM that arise daily.