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Valuable product knowledge and purchased part data based on raster, scanned drawings and proprietary legacy CAD data are often managed in a separate process outside the main CAD and PLM environment. Maintaining separate processes and the difficulty in accessing this data can result in additional time and expense.

The BCT 3D-Raster Suite integrates 2D paper or electronic data (e.g. TIFF, PDF, HPGL, legacy CAD etc.) into NX and Teamcenter, where the software allows the data to be stored and edited without having to spend any additional effort to migrate the data into a vector format.

By doing this a single standardized process can be established that also includes this raster data. This process provides easy access to this data and makes it possible to edit and add to the drawings without having to recreate them. Having the data in the same tools and processes means that it will allow the migration off of legacy systems and provide a single forward approach supporting a completely digital workflow.

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