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The BCT Inspector Suite facilitates integration of First Article Inspection into the development environment making the data available for quality assurance throughout the entire product lifecycle. The suite includes three modules: BCT Inspector, Inspector Viewer and Inspector RevCompare.

BCT Inspector gives the data unique identifiers that never change for the life of the part and provides a permanent link to characteristics through every change and modification. The data using up to 80% less time than manual methods while eliminating costly manual data entry errors.

The process is supported for legacy raster data, 2D drawings and 3D models. The BCT Inspector Suite supports a smooth migration from traditional drawing based processes to model based information.

BCT Inspector Viewer is a tool that provides an automatic way to identify every design change that has occurred, flagged those items, so that all downstream processes are automatically notified of the changes.

BCT Inspector RevCompare dramatically reduces the error rate often generated through insufficiently documented modification descriptions in the manufacturing industry.

The BCT Inspector Suite supports processing and identifying of key design data multiple CAD systems such as NX, Solid Edge and CATIA as well as neutral drawing formats such as .tif and .pdf.

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