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Our combination of a mechanical design firm, machine shop and FEA-CFD consultancy allows us to deliver the strongest support of any Siemens PLM Software provider in the US.

Our team of 20+ mechanical engineers use NX and CAD programs every day. Our engineers work with companies large and small across the nation, and understand firsthand the opportunities — and challenges — with PDM-PLM.

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NX Migration Advantage

NX Migration Advantage

Want to migrate from your current product data files and intellectual property to NX? The NX Migration Advantage allows you to move forward with an integrated, open and future-proof product lifecycle management solution.

NX CAD 10 best practices

NX CAD Ten Best Practices, Tips and Tricks

NX CAD includes new updates, changes, and tools in every release. Work flows and methods that once made sense may no longer apply. Download our 10 best current tips and tricks and stay up to speed with NX CAD.

NX Mechatronics Concept Designer

Mechatronics Concept Designer

Mechatronics Concept Designer brings teams together by facilitating the integration of engineering departments, including requirements management, concept design, mechanical design, electrical design


NX CAD - Drive Your Design Team Productivity

With NX, you experience a remarkable level of productivity. NX offers flexibility and ease-of-use, the ability to reuse data and knowledge, and the ability to easily create templates.

  • Customizable task- and role-based UI for greater design accessibility
  • We can help you capture your knowledge, automate it and reuse it - making you even more productive as it flows throughout your enterprise.
  • Increase value in existing data by finding features in unintelligent 'dumb' solids.
  • Efficiently exchange design data among disparate software solutions.
  • Easily customize to include a feature sets for your particular design practices.
  • Turn any part, regardless of complexity, into a reusable, validated design template.

Simply put, NX allows you to be More Productive, More Innovative, and Faster to Market.

NX CAD Resources


Resources we've created such as video tutorials, tips & tricks, and more.

NX CAD Resources
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Our clients know we provide some of the best NX CAD support around. Want to become a client? Please contact us.

NX CAD Support
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Instructor-led CAD training interspersed with project-style use

NX CAD Training


Michael Grant linkedin


Michael Grant is Applied CAx's Director of Manufacturing Technologies. Designing injection molds in CAD and program mold-making in CAM, Michael drives the development process from beginning to end.

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Matt 300px


Matt Martin is Mechanical Design Engineer for Applied CAx and Sherpa Design, handling our NX CAD support and aspects of our Teamcenter services. Matt has been with the team since 2006 and is our go-to expert for NX support, service, and training. Customer looking for CAD support? You'll probably get help from Matt.

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Pat Barrett


Patrick Barrett is director of CAD-CAM-PLM solutions for Applied CAx, and founder & owner of Sherpa Design. Pat’s many specialties include mechanical product design, rapid prototyping, business development, user training, and getting it done.

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Proven process for migrating from other CAD/CAM systems to NX

Want to migrate from your current product data files and intellectual property (IP) to NX software from Siemens PLM Software?

The NX Migration Advantage solution preserves your investment in legacy data and allows you to move forward with an integrated, open and future-proof product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. NX Migration Advantage enables you to transform your product development process using high-performance, integrated solutions for design, simulation and manufacturing.

Power, flexibility and control improve design productivity

The NX MACH software products are prepackaged solutions delivering high performance computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities of NX software, the leading solution for mechanical design. They offer competitively priced solutions tailored to specific product development roles, practices and processes, in four performance tiers. Value-added upgrades are available to move customers from one tier to the next. Each package delivers complete capabilities for production work.

NX MACH 1, 2 and 3 solutions include engineering process management capabilities for improved design team collaboration. Optional extended engineering process management tools provide scalable collaboration and advanced management.

All of the NX MACH design solutions share a common denominator of high-performance CAD functions and the ability to use powerful high-definition 3D (HD3D) Visual Reporting, enabling designers and engineers to quickly understand key elements of their designs. Each level of the solutions builds upon the other, providing increasingly more sophisticated and advanced design capabilities.

NX 11 delivers a robust set of new tools and significant enhancements to existing functionality. The goal is to help you design, test and manufacture your products quickly and with fewer errors than ever before. In NX 11, several tasks that previously required tedious manual rework are now automated. With convergent modeling, you can use facet geometry and solid/surface geometry in a single model. Simcenter 3D replaces NX CAE and now powers all Siemens PLM Software simulation functionality, which is also enhanced and expanded in this release. NX 11 for Manufacturing improves productivity with tools like robotics machining and hybrid additive manufacturing, which enable you to produce completely new parts with better performance, while delivering significant cost savings.