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Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software by Siemens Digital Industries is a modern PLM software platform designed to fully integrate your product information and processes in one centralized system. The world’s most widely implemented product data management solution, Teamcenter takes the guesswork out of the deployment process. Connecting product data and processes across your domains and departments, Teamcenter PLM software has the flexibility to adapt to business changes, allowing collaboration throughout your organization more easily than ever before.

Applied CAx is renowned for our Teamcenter expertise with our ongoing support and Teamcenter services, such as installations, upgrades, administration, and more. We deliver a flexible portfolio that allows you to strategically grow your PLM maturity in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Teamcenter case study

In this case study we examine our hands-on work implementing Teamcenter for innovative aerospace company, Exotic Metals Forming Company.


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Arden Teamcenter


Arden provides strategic consulting, aligning Teamcenter with business practices to control access, align workflows and define their data schema. Arden has broad-based experience in computer aided engineering, proven team leadership skills, and an understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction. He provides administration, user support, and installation of Teamcenter, Teamcenter Visualization and CAD integrations.

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Randy Ellsworth 1000px


Randy provides strategic consulting, aligning Teamcenter with business needs to generate an architecture, landscape and road map. As well, Randy provides comprehensive installation and configuration of Teamcenter, Teamcenter CAD integrations (mainly NX but also for SolidWorks and Creo), and conducts site assessments and performance evaluations.

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Matt 300px


Matt Martin is Junior Teamcenter Architect and Mechanical Design Engineer for Applied CAx and Sherpa Design, handling our NX CAD support and aspects of our Teamcenter services. Matt has been with the team since 2006 and is our go-to expert for NX support, service, and training. Customer looking for CAD support? You'll probably get help from Matt.

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Taylor Saul


Taylor Saul is our Senior Account Executive. His primary focus is on PLM development & implementation with our Teamcenter customers. Taylor has worked with multiple Aerospace and Defense companies to align Teamcenter with their program needs.

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Teamcenter architect


Don Knab is an experienced PLM professional with extensive experience in strategic planning, capital projects and mission critical applications within the manufacturing industry.

PLM Consultant/Solution Architect


Yogesh Fegade has 22+ years of experience architecting and implementing PLM solutions, architecting integrations with PLM software, managing software lifecycle process, managing software configuration and quality.

NX CAM resources


Resources we've created such as video tutorials, tips & tricks, and more.

Teamcenter Resources
NX CAM Support


Our clients know we provide some of the best Teamcenter support around. Want to become a client? Please contact us.

Teamcenter Support

Start with PLM

For most of our customers, the first step on the PLM path is to take control of your product data and processes. Manage and share mechanical, electronics, software and simulation data, as well as documents and bills of materials (BOMs) in a single environment. Use standardized workflows and change processes to streamline your organization.

Extend the value

Next, take a look at related domains and processes. Manage requirements. Include suppliers. Connect engineering with manufacturing and service. Extend the value of PLM across the product lifecycle.

Transform your business

PLM can help you take your business to the next level. Apply transformational solutions to your product lifecycle for a profound business impact. Drive your product cost, quality and sustainability initiatives. Establish a systems-driven approach to product development.

Build on a solid PLM platform

A common platform supports every Teamcenter application. Among the many platform capabilities, Teamcenter features leading-edge deployment options to get your implementation up and running quickly with the most advanced and intuitive PLM user experience available.

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