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Boost your FEA knowledge with two upcoming options

Train with experts to greatly boost your FEA capabilities. We have two excellent training classes coming up.

FEA training banner circleOUR FEMAP TRAINING

The first is our popular hands-on FEMAP course. The next session will be the week of April 23rd in ever-sunny Portland, Oregon. Over the years we've seen every type of engineer benefit from our course, from first-time FEA users to people with 8+ years of experience.

The course is 4 days with the additional option of attending the 5th day focused on the FEMAP API.



Then the week of May 14 we'll be holding our annual LS-DYNA training course in Portland. LS-DYNA provides the greatest flexibility & power of any FEA software in the world, and our training course will greatly enhance your knowledge & skills.

Our class instructor has built and validated hundreds of LS-DYNA simulations (e.g., seat analysis, plastic snap-fit, elastomeric and foam impact, medical equipment, drop-test, crash, blade-off, DEM and SPH).

Portland NX Demonstration Day

NX Users Group Spring 2018Applied CAx is proud to announce our next Portland NX Demonstration Day:

Thursday, April 12, 2018
4pm - 8pm

Graciously hosted by Daimler Trucks North America

Please join us for a series of NX demos, tutorials, and how-tos. We'll dig into new CAD features in the new NX 12 release, and highlight more of the time-saving manufacturing techniques we've found with NX CAM.

Whether you're a long-time user going back to Unigraphics or a newer user juggling many different CAD systems, come find out tips & tricks for NX. Network with your fellow CAD-CAM-CAE enthusiasts from around the Pacific NW, and see some of Daimler Truck's beautiful new Portland campus. This event is free.

Upcoming NX CAM Webinar - Using the Tilt Tool Axis for Quick 5-Axis Toolpaths

Free NX CAM Webinar:
Thurs. Feb 22, 2018

11:30 am - 12 pm

If you’re running into problems with your 3-axis toolpaths, join us in this 30 minute session to learn about the Tilt Tool Axis method. We’ve seen good results in using this command to fix and avoid tool holder collisions.

We looked at this method in older versions, and we’re pleased to say it’s made a solid leap forward in its effectiveness in NX 11. Using this method, NX either trims the tool path and retracts the tool, or replaces the 3-axis, 4-axis, or 5-axis motions with 5-axis tilting motions that are extremely smooth.

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