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Boost your FEA knowledge with two upcoming options

Train with experts to greatly boost your FEA capabilities. We have two excellent training classes coming up.

FEA training banner circleOUR FEMAP TRAINING

The first is our popular hands-on FEMAP course. The next session will be the week of April 23rd in ever-sunny Portland, Oregon. Over the years we've seen every type of engineer benefit from our course, from first-time FEA users to people with 8+ years of experience.

The course is 4 days with the additional option of attending the 5th day focused on the FEMAP API.



Then the week of May 14 we'll be holding our annual LS-DYNA training course in Portland. LS-DYNA provides the greatest flexibility & power of any FEA software in the world, and our training course will greatly enhance your knowledge & skills.

Our class instructor has built and validated hundreds of LS-DYNA simulations (e.g., seat analysis, plastic snap-fit, elastomeric and foam impact, medical equipment, drop-test, crash, blade-off, DEM and SPH).