NX Users Group Spring 2019 circle 750pxApplied CAx proudly held our 2019 Portland NX User Day on:
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 1pm - 6pm

Graciously hosted by Weir Group, ESCO Division

Weir Group, ESCO Division
Inside the Hank Swigert Center for Innovation


THANK YOU to everyone who attended our series of NX demos, tutorials, and how-tos. We demonstrated new CAD features in NX Continuous Release, timesaving CAM techniques, and real-world uses of Siemens NX.

Whether people were a long-time user stretching back to Unigraphics or a newer user juggling different CAD systems, together we discovered tips & tricks for NX. Network with our fellow CAD-CAM-CAE enthusiasts from around the Pacific Northwest, and saw some of the Weir Group, ESCO Division's operations in a real-world manufacturing facility.




NX Continous Release: The Reality on the Ground
A look at how NX 1847 implementation is going so far. Is it working as an update method? Are new features and bug fixes getting to users faster?

New CAD Features in NX 1847+

New CAM Features in NX 1847+

Feature Based Machining
We'll look at FBM's Teach function, the new user friendly interface and how it's changing & improving.

Breaktime! + An overview of the Weir Group, ESCO Division

5-Axis Contouring and Complex Surfacing
Optimizing 5-axis contouring to an example part

WAVElinking to save time in CAM programming
Taking advantage of NX CAD features for NX CAM benefits.

Solid Edge: Ready for Primetime and Not What You'd Expect
With examples on how it can work hand-in-hand with NX

Post Processor Development
Get a lay of the land when it comes to NX's Post Configurator, and discover the ongoing transition from Post Builder.
Have some snacks & beverages, chat with colleagues & co-workers