Thanks to every who joined us! We held this event on Oct. 16, 2019 and presented CAD-CAM solutions for the aerospace engineering & manufacturing community. We showed NX CAD & NX CAM in action with new features and functions and also discussed how Applied CAx has worked with many aerospace companies to get the most out of their design and manufacturing software!

Our annual look at CAD-CAM solutions for aerospace engineering and manufacturing welcomed all types of users from mechanical engineers, programmer-machinists, manufacturing managers to data architects and engineering directors.

Our great roster of presentations and demonstrations was open to anyone interested in engineering & manufacturing. Our venue was the Husky Union Building (HUB building), room 250 on the University of Washington campus. Thanks to the UW engineering department for vouching for our event.



Topic Focus
Industry & usage trends we're seeing

What’s New in NX for Design Continuous Release [PDF]
AKA NX 1847 & 1872

We'll be exploring and demo-ing new features, including:

  • Fundamentals
    • First Assistant, Visual Assistant
    • NX VR Enhancements
    • Faster rendering in Ray Traced Studio
    • Exporting Neutral CAD to TC from NX
    • Publish JT data during Import
    • NVIDIA MDL Materials
  • Modeling, Assemblies, Drafting
    • Shadow Curves, Shadow Outline
    • Snapshots to review in-context design changes.
    • Assembly Load Performance
    • New Assembly Constraints (Joints: Hinge, Slider, Cylindrical, Ball. Couplers: Gear, Rack & Pinion, Cable)
    • Enhancements – Thicken, Styled Corner, Fill Hole, Virtual Curve
    • Automatic Work Part Change
    • Parts List Enhancements
    • Support for Unicode symbols in Notes
  • Design for Additive Mfg
    • Texture Mapping
    • Morph Mesh
    • Fill Surface
    • Unit Cell Editor
    • Filter Lattice
    • Added Tetrahedron & Surface Lattice

NX Aero Design Features

We'll be exploring and demo-ing new features, including:

  • Aero Design Features
    • Aero Flange
    • Aero Rib
    • Aero Step
    • Aero Shelf
    • Blend Pocket

What’s New in NX CAM Continuous Release 1872 [VIDEO]

We'll be exploring and demo-ing new features, including:

  • Fundamentals
    • First Assistant, Visual Assistant
    • Tool Path Animation enhancements
  • Milling
    • Trim and extend edges in Guiding Curve operations
    • Enhanced non-cutting moves in Adaptive Milling operations
    • Controlling non-cutting moves with trim boundaries
    • Taper barrel tool
    • Barrel tools in Guiding Curve operations
    • T-cutter tools in Guiding Curve operations
    • Enhanced tool axis control in Impeller Blade Swarf operations
    • Regenerating the tool axis in Guiding Curve operations
    • Automatic connection of gaps in guide curve segments
  • Integrated Simulation and Verification – ISV
    • Resizable panels in ISV
    • Background IPW collision checks
    • Composite IPW
    • Calculate Machining Times
    • Velocity output file
  • Postprocessing
    • Postprocessing of nonconsecutive operations
  • Feature-based Machining
    • MCS tool axis limits to group features and operations
    • Help creating tools for complex hole features
Networking and Lunch
Stay & network with your colleagues across the Pacific Northwest, or grab your box lunch to eat on the way back to work.