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Why digital simulation?

Applied CAx FEMAP

CAD-neutral and solver-neutral, FEMAP has become the world’s most popular engineering analysis environment for Nastran users. It is widely used by the world’s leading engineering organizations and consultants to model complex products, systems and processes, including  satellites, aircraft, defense, automotive vehicles, electronics, heavy construction equipment, lift cranes, marine vessels and process equipment. Siemens PLM Software’s FEMAP system facilitates an advanced engineering analysis environment.

FEMAP & NX NASTRAN are highly integrated and can be sold together as a bundled solution. But more than this, being open to all solvers, FEMAP demonstrates the power and value as a core analysis tool. FEMAP is CAD independent and leverages Siemens PLM Software’s Parasolid modeling kernel that allows direct access to Parasolid data for surface and solid modeling in addition to advanced geometric tools necessary for accessing non-Parasolid geometry. From advanced beam modeling, mid-surface extraction and hex meshing to robust CAD import and idealization, FEMAP gives you unparalleled model control and flexibility with a broad range of loads, materials, analysis types and visualization options.

FEMAP is not just a solid investment for those committed to excellence in the use of finite element analysis technologies. It’s the right tool to help you realize your business goals.