Proven process for migrating from other CAD/CAM systems to NX

Want to migrate from your current product data files and intellectual property (IP) to NX software from Siemens PLM Software?

The NX Migration Advantage solution preserves your investment in legacy data and allows you to move forward with an integrated, open and future-proof product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. NX Migration Advantage enables you to transform your product development process using high-performance, integrated solutions for design, simulation and manufacturing.

For a variety of reasons (especially depth and breadth of the NX solution), your company may choose to migrate your IP from another CAD system to NX software. Your company may have become dissatisfied with your current system, or may need new tools and technologies to increase productivity and accelerate development. One of your major customers may have standardized on solutions from Siemens PLM Software. Some systems have poorly integrated data management. It is even possible that the next release of your current CAD system may involve extensive data migration headaches.

Whatever the reason you might have for adopting NX, your first question is likely to be: How can this be accomplished in the most efficient and complete manner – without disrupting production, while protecting our investment in product data?

Enter NX Migration Advantage

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NX Migration AdvantageMore than a data translation solution, NX Migration Advantage is a complete and proven process that will enable you to migrate CAD datasets into native NX data sets within a managed Teamcenter environment. The process includes the capability to convert explicit boundary representation (BREP) models, feature-based models, assemblies and associative drawings. In addition, utilities are provided for model and drawing analysis and validation of the resultant NX data sets.

The NX Migration Advantage process begins with an in-depth assessment of your current CAD/CAM/CAE environment. Siemens PLM Software consultants meet with you to understand your legacy product data investment in great detail. A plan then emerges for moving forward – typically a two-step process.


All of your product data is loaded into Siemens PLM Software’s Teamcenter® suite. This data includes geometry, as well as assembly constraints, feature intelligence, design intent, metadata and more to ensure all the data is validated.


This data depends on your existing system. There are requirements and constraints unique to Catia, just as there are different requirements for migrating data sets from Pro/Engineer and even from NX I-deas software. Siemens PLM Software has developed content migration manager tools for each major system.

Enjoying the benefits of NX

Once you have completed the migration to NX, you’ll join thousands of successful companies who use this technology to master complexity and compete globally. Supporting every aspect of product development, NX delivers tightly integrated, unified solutions for design, simulation and manufacturing that are unmatched in power and flexibility.

NX enables you to freely use any modeling technique that fits your design challenge with wireframe, surface, solid and direct modeling solutions. Powered by Siemens’ groundbreaking synchronous technology, NX unites feature-based parametric and history-free modeling in the same environment. Designers can use NX to modify design geometry initially created on other CAD systems or by other modeling techniques. The use of synchronous technology is another migration tool that makes it easy for you to work with legacy data, as well as to make rapid design modifications or modify foreign CAD datasets, providing additional migration support.

Successful migration use cases

When Unigraphics and SDRC merged to form what is now Siemens PLM Software, the new company faced a migration challenge on a massive scale. Thousands of I-deas users all over the world needed to migrate massive amounts of valuable CAD data from I-deas to NX, plus the sizable amount of IT owned by the newly combined company. This enabled Siemens PLM Software to develop tools, procedures and training to fully understand, map and refine this process, which has been extended to successful customer migrations from Pro/Engineer and Catia to NX.

Content migration management tools and support

Siemens PLM Software has developed Content Migration Manager software tools that support the complete process for managing and controlling the movement of data from the original CAD system into NX.

The Content Migration Manager software runs within the Teamcenter environment to ensure the proper data is migrated in the proper way and is able to provide reporting and audits of the data and processes along the way. The metadata is moved as well as geometry and features while maintaining relationships between items such as parts to assemblies or drawings. A detailed report includes the input and results of each migration while validating the results are proper.

Siemens PLM Software maintains a data migration laboratory at our Milford, Ohio location. This lab is available for customers and partners to visit and get hands-on mentoring time with our tools and experts, to assist you with your migration.

Customized NX Fast Start training is also available. For example, if your legacy system is Pro/Engineer or Catia or NX I-deas, Siemens PLM Software will formulate your training in familiar terms, enabling your users to become more productive more rapidly.

Enjoy the full benefits of PLM by taking advantage of our experience with NX Migration Advantage.