There’s actually a different FEMAP download for a subscription license. Not just a different install option, but a different download. I don’t know if there’s a batch file (like go_dongle.bat) to switch install types.


For perpetual licenses, you can have a “Nodelocked Dongle” which is a bit of misnomer because you can plug it into any machine and run FEMAP. When you generate a license file on PartnersXpress, it is really just a text file with upgrade codes that you punch into FEMAP to update the dongle.

You can also have a perpetual “Network Client” where the license file is tied to a specific machine via MAC address and other machines on the same network can grab licenses.


Subscription licenses are a different type of beast. They are linked to a specific machine but they don’t send you a license file… For licensing, they only send you a "Personal Activation Code". Basically what they do for dongles.

Not quite sure what to do for mixed subscription/perpetual installs.