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We are pleased to announced that FEMAP v11.4.1 is now available. Please read on for installation instructions and a list of adjustments & enhancements.

FEMAP 11.4.1 is the latest user-focused release of FEMAP containing many features and enhancements requested by our users worldwide.


Login to GTAC. Choose the "Download and Upload Files" option to access the SPLM Download Server, there, choose the "All Siemens Products" option, pick FEMAP, and v11.4.1 can be downloaded from the "Full Products", "Windows 64-bit" selection.

The download consists of a zipped image of the FEMAP v11.4.1 DVD.  Unzip to a temporary location and install as usual.  FEMAP v11.4.1 addresses several issues in v11.4 and adds some small upgrades to existing functionality. In addition, FEMAP with NX Nastran now includes NX Nastran 11.0.2. It is highly recommended that all v11.4 customers switch to v11.4.1. Customers upgrading from previous versions of FEMAP should install v11.4.1, not v11.4.

Are you our customer and need support? Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via email or at (503) 962-0287


FEMAP v11.4.1 Updates and Enhancements

Interfaces - Geometry

  • Added support for Parasolid 30.0, Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology 10, and Pro/Engineer Creo 4.

Interfaces - NX Nastran

  • FEMAP with NX Nastran bundle now includes NX Nastran 11.0.2.

Output and Post-Processing

  • Added ability to transform magnitude/phase complex output data.


New and Updated API Methods

  • Added GetSavedSetType to the Set Object.
  • Updated SetTri3Orientation, SetTri6Orientation, SetQuad4Orientation, and SetQuad8Orientation for the Results Browsing Object, by allowing user to specify Material Direction for each argument. In addition, updated SetSolidOrientation to allow user to specify Element for each argument.

New and Updated Global Variables

  • Added UndoGrayed global variable.
  • Updated Info_OrientTria3StressOuput, Info_OrientTria3StrainOuput, Info_OrientTria3ForceOuput, Info_OrientTria6StressOuput, Info_OrientTria6StrainOuput, Info_OrientTria6ForceOuput, Info_OrientQuad4StressOuput, Info_OrientQuad4StrainOuput, Info_OrientQuad4ForceOuput, Info_OrientQuad8StressOuput, Info_OrientQuad8StrainOuput, and Info_OrientQuad8ForceOuput global variables, by allowing user to specify a value of 3 to specify Material Direction. In addition, Info_OrientSolidIsoOutput, Info_OrientSolidAnisoOutput, and Info_OrientSolidHyperOutput now allow user to specify a 3 for Element.
  • Updated Pref_OrientTria3StressOuput, Pref_OrientTria3StrainOuput, Pref_OrientTria3ForceOuput, Pref_OrientTria6StressOuput, Pref_OrientTria6StrainOuput, Pref_OrientTria6ForceOuput, Pref_OrientQuad4StressOuput, Pref_OrientQuad4StrainOuput, Pref_OrientQuad4ForceOuput, Pref_OrientQuad8StressOuput, Pref_OrientQuad8StrainOuput, and Pref_OrientQuad8ForceOuput preference variables, by allowing user to specify a value of 3 to specify Material Direction. In addition, Pref_OrientSolidIsoOutput, Pref_OrientSolidAnisoOutput, and Pref_OrientSolidHyperOutput now allow user to specify a 3 for Element.

New and Updated Events

  • Added FEVENT_UPDATEDSAVEDSET event, which indicates a “SavedSet” Set Object has been updated.
  • Added FEVENT_LEAVINGMODEL event, which can be used in conjunction with FEVENT_SWITCHMODEL and indicates about to leave a model. lParam contains the identifier of the model being left.
  • Added FEVENT_CLOSINGMODEL event, which can be used in conjunction with FEVENT_ENDMODEL and indicates closing a model. lParam contains the identifier of the model being closed.

The following functions have been added or updated:

  • feAppUndoClear
  • feChartPaneCopy
  • feEntitySetVisibility2


FEMAP v11.4.1 Corrections

Analysis Manager

  • Corrected issue when deleting FREQi entries by adding an error message that warns the user the FREQi entities may possibly be referenced by other Analysis Sets or used by the Model, Output, Forced Response command.

Interfaces - Nastran

  • Corrected issue where any number of nodal loads, which have the same phase value and are in the same Load Set, could potentially produce a DPHASE entry for only a single node instead of all the appropriate nodes (PR# 8338460).
  • Corrected issue which would cause CBAR element output to be imported into Beam element output vectors instead of Bar elements output vectors when both CBAR elements and at least one CBEAM elements were defined in the model (PR# 7847627).

Interfaces - MSC Nastran

  • Corrected issue which would cause a Connector to be skipped when the Connector ID overlapped with a Connection Property ID (PR# 7948179).


  • Corrected issue where imported JT files would be read into layer 0 rather than the active layer
  • Corrected issue which occurred when creating any planar boundary surface on a negative global plane, which would cause the “Holes appear outside outer boundary” message to be displayed.
  • Corrected issue with the Geometry, Copy, Solid; Geometry, Scale, Solid; Geometry, Rotate, Solid; or Geometry, Reflect, Solid commands, where the color and layer of copied/scaled/rotated/reflected solid(s) would not match the original solid(s) when the Color and Layer option was enabled.

Graphics and Performance Graphics

  • Corrected issue when Contour Style is set to Section Cut where scrolling the mouse wheel while holding down the ALT key would not redraw after each mouse wheel change
  • Corrected issue where preview vectors would not be drawn for certain commands (Geometry, Solid, Primitive; Geometry, Curve - From Surface, Parametric Curve; and Mesh, Mesh Control, Mapped Divisions on Surface, among others) if the preview color had a transparency component
  • Corrected issue with element edge coloring when Performance Graphics were not enabled. If element color was set to Property or Material, element edges would still be colored by Property or Material if the filled edge color was set to entity color (PR# 8966551)
  • Corrected an issue which would occur if element display was turned off while displaying a free edge plot, the elements would still be displayed until the view was regenerated if Performance Graphics was not enabled.
  • Corrected issue when Contour Style was set to Arrow where arrow plots of nodal values would only get drawn on free faces (no interior nodes) when Performance Graphics was enabled

GUI - Dockable Panes

Meshing Toolbox

  • Corrected issue which caused rigid elements to not be properly updated when updating the mesh on boundary surfaces containing circles or internal loops.
  • Corrected issue which caused rigid elements to not be properly updated when the rigid element was connected to more than two Parasolid bodies (surfaces or solids) and/or FEMAP boundary surfaces and the mesh was updated on any of the bodies/boundary surfaces.


  • Corrected issue where logarithmic axes were not displayed correctly for the phase component of magnitude / phase plots in the charting pane (PR# 8985807).


  • Corrected an issue when meshing any curve-based boundary surface which also has an existing surface manually associated to the boundary surface, which caused the resulting mesh to follow only the boundary edges instead of following both the edges and underlying surface.

Output and Post-Processing

  • Corrected issue in Chart Data Series dialog box that would prevent the user from selecting output vectors in the 9,000,000 to 9,999,999 range (PR# 8891224)
  • Corrected issue where invalid results could be displayed in the Charting Pane or Data Table when data for multiple ABAQUS output sets was requested.
  • Corrected issue with Model, Output, Expand Complex and on-the-fly expansion of complex results where the output was expanded using lagging phase angles rather than leading phase angles.
  • Corrected issue where Freebody vector digit control was set to Contour Legend digits when Sum Data on Nodes option was not enabled
  • Corrected issue which allowed laminate strength ratios to be linearly combined.
  • Corrected issue with results transformation that would allow integer columns (i.e., Output Set IDs in Envelope sets) to be transformed.
  • Corrected issue where output from shell laminate elements was being included when creating an envelope of only output from solid laminate elements using Model, Output, Process, thus creating solid laminate element output on both solid laminate and shell laminate elements (PR# 7819468)


  • Corrected issue which did not allow the Enable method of Connection Region object to be used with NonStructural Mass regions.
  • Corrected issue in feSolidExtractCenterlines where stress recovery points would not be created when extracting from circular cross-sections.
  • Corrected issue where output orientation could not be set as Material Direction for shell elements or Element for solid elements for the Results Browsing object, Preferences, or directly on the main Application object (model).
  • Corrected issue when FEMAP was started via API and spaceball was not initialized external APIs could not connect to the FEMAP COM server
  • Corrected issue with Results Browsing Object where envelope columns could return results from unexpected columns if any transformation options were also set. The envelope columns previously also considered additional columns that were automatically added to calculate the transformation. Now only columns that were specifically added by the user are considered.