We're pleased to announce that FEMAP 11.4.2 is now available. The largest feature of this update is aimed at those performing or wanting to perform CFD analyses with the Maya add-on thermal solver. Here are links to specific FEMAP 11.4.2 features.


FEMAP 11.4.2 focuses on a number of enhancements to the FEMAP Thermal Solver, Advanced Thermal Solver and Flow Solver capabilities. Improvements include an updated contemporary graphical user interface to improve workflows with model setup and postprocessing, new solver capabilities and parallel processing through distributed computing.

The thermal and flow solver user interface has been updated to match existing UI workflows in FEMAP. It includes a dedicated model info pane analogous to the regular FEMAP model info pane. A right-click capability extends and facilitates load and constraint creation methods, and the solution set up for thermal and flow analyses now matches that for NX Nastran and other solvers with a consistent analysis set manager.

Here are links to specific FEMAP 11.4.2 features


  • Improved workflows and ease-of-use
  • Extended range of simulation applications
  • Faster and more responsive solutions


  • Updated and contemporary graphical user interface
  • New solver functionality
  • Distributed computing to enable parallel solving