A number of issues in previous versions of NX Nastran have been resolved in NX Nastran 12.0. As a service to our customers, we are cataloguing those here for our customers to review.

Issues include:

  • RMS von Mises stress
  • Models with contact and inertia relief
  • RIGID=LAGRAN with Groundcheck
  • Incorrect SPC Forces for bolts
  • Pressure loads with NX Nastran SOL 601, 106
  • SOL 111 frequency response with MFLUID and VMOPT=0
  • Fluid virtual mass and NX Nastran MFLUID
  • Buckling results for ILP platform, NX Nastran SOL 105
  • OLOAD resultant table, NX Nastran SOL 153
  • MPC forces with RIGID=LAGRAN


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