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This five-minute-tutorial provides an introduction to the world of composite laminate modeling. From creating a 2D orthotropic material to using APIs to assist in post processing, this jam-packed tutorial covers our standard workflow. In fact it’s so jam packed, we had to add a couple extra minutes!


  • Composite Material (2D Orthotropic) – UD Carbon Fiber
  • 9-ply Symmetric Layup (45°/-45°/0°/90°/0°/90°/0°/-45°/45°)
  • Laminate Property with Hill Failure Theory
  • Meshing – just like standard plate elements
  • Material Orientation – the reference angle
  • Post Processing – deflection, stress and failure indices

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make life easier and so, this webinar provides a grab-bag of tips, tricks and new features in FEMAP v11.4. Plus we look at the top 10 things we love about FEMAP.

This seminar should provide useful for everybody from new users to FEMAP veterans. We presented this live online seminar on Thursday, August 3, 2017

We are pleased to inform you that FEMAP v11.4 has been released. FEMAP v11.4 DVDs will be shipped shortly to FEMAP Maintenance Customers. FEMAP v11.4 is also available for download from the GTAC download server, in the FEMAP – Full Product Releases section. FEMAP v11.4 contains numerous new features and several important bug fixes.