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Sometimes it’s the simple things that make life easier and so, this webinar provides a grab-bag of tips, tricks and new features in FEMAP v11.4. Plus we look at the top 10 things we love about FEMAP.

This seminar should provide useful for everybody from new users to FEMAP veterans. We presented this live online seminar on Thursday, August 3, 2017

We are pleased to inform you that FEMAP v11.4 has been released. FEMAP v11.4 DVDs will be shipped shortly to FEMAP Maintenance Customers. FEMAP v11.4 is also available for download from the GTAC download server, in the FEMAP – Full Product Releases section. FEMAP v11.4 contains numerous new features and several important bug fixes.

In this technical seminar, we look at how to extract weld line stresses and forces. Our assumption is that a post-weld heat treatment has been performed and that the residual stress state in the weld zone is quite low.

To illustrate this importance, we provide an FEA simulation of how residual stresses develop in a welded T-joint as it cools down to room temperature. Please don’t get your hopes up that this seminar will be the definitive work on weld modeling and analysis, the topic is just too broad to cover in an hour or even in a week of lectures. What we will show is our best practices at Predictive Engineering from ASME to Blodgett's.

This webinar was held on Thursday, May 4, 2017.