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It has been a while since we have done our basic "Welcome to Femap" seminar and with the rollout of Femap v11.1.2 with NX Nastran v9.1, it was time. This seminar covers how we get the most from Femap in our modeling efforts. It covers the classics of working with Panes, Model Organization and Visualization, Setting Preferences for Ease-of-Use and Working with Toolbars. We also do some basic model building and demonstrate some of our favorite tips and tricks to make your analysis speed along.

This is an all-level technical seminar from which we hope new and advanced users will be able to take away something useful.

We have condensed down our best modeling practices and recommendations into this 50 minute seminar. It covers how we verify our models for consulting clients and provides a template on how someone new to FEA can proceed safely in creating and analyzing a structure.

Many of our practices may sound routine and commonplace, but over the years we have not found it to be the case in the industrial FEA workplace. Although we may not cover every check known to FEA kind we believe that if one follows the guidelines given in this seminar one can avoid 95% of the problems that we have encountered within our own modeling work and that we have seen via technical support assistance.

There are so many options within the Femap Analysis Manager and for the majority of analyses, there's no need to mess with them. But as engineers, we always want to ask "What does this do? How does it work? Why is this here?"

For me, the Model Check page of the analysis manager stirred these questions. I finally stopped automatically clicking the "Next" button and started to investigate the Groundcheck options.

In this technical seminar we will explore the Groundcheck options with some example models to determine what these options do and when they are useful. In addition to the Groundcheck overview, I will present a "fluffy" API that uses the GFXArrow object to assist in making attractive Femap graphics.