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This seminar is intended for NX Nastran users that are interested in nonlinear analysis but aren't quite sure when, why and how to use it. This presentation will provide theory, implementation, and analysis examples of the following nonlinear topics:

  • Geometric Nonlinear (Contact and Buckling)
  • Material Nonlinear (Plasticity and Hyperelastic Materials)
  • Multi-Step Analyses (Contact with Bolt Preload, Residual Stress, Vibration of Stiffened Structures)
  • Gap Elements (Compression Only for Contact, Tension Only for Cables)

This technical seminar is intended for new engineers interested in modeling composites and experienced engineers who would like to get acquainted with the Femap interface. This seminar is intended to accompany a white paper and will provide you a starting background on composites.

The following topics are covered:

  • A little background on the mechanics of composites and how micromechanics can be leveraged to obtain composite material properties
  • 2D composite laminate modeling
    • Defining a material model, layup, property card and material angles
    • Symmetric vs. unymmetric laminate and why this is important
    • Results post processing