With the end of maintenance for NX10.0.3 approaching this November, now's a great time to join our NX CAD expert Matt Martin as he covers new NX 11 features. The updated user interface makes it easier to switch between parts you're working on, while at the same time maintaining the last working application of those parts.

For example, if you're working on the drawing for a part in the Drafting Application & need to make a modeling change, switching to the model will also change to the Modeling Application. No longer will you be banging your head against your monitor looking for Modeling tools while you're actually in Drafting. Finding the part you want is also improved by providing a preview of your parts as well as CTRL+TAB to access them.

We presented this webinar on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In this NX engineering tips article, let’s look at installing and using the Siemens Machinery Library. The Siemens Machinery Library can be freely downloaded by anyone with current maintenance and WebKey. The library contains seed or template parts for common fasteners such as hex bolts, cap screws, nuts, pins and other commonly used mechanical parts. These parts are all Part Family parent templates used to create a family of fasteners of varying lengths and sizes.

SUBJECT:  License Borrowing Enabled by Default
Affected Software: NX - as well as NX Nastran, Tecnomatix, TC Visualization, FactoryCAD, Jack, I-Deas
Scope: Windows operating system

Effective May 2, 2017, all license files generated for customers with products that support borrowing and utilize the common licensing vendor daemon (ugslmd) will have borrowing enabled by default. In the past, a special ‘borrowing’ product had to be added to the software configuration to enable the license borrowing capability. This is no longer a requirement and any license file generated will include the BORROW keyword on the INCREMENT lines for those products.

The following product lines are affected: