This support video walks through how to use Siemens NX10 postbuilder to set rotary feedrate units.

We've created this in response to a customer support question about Siemens NX 10 post builder. The specific question is about changing the rotary moves, specifically for 4th-axis to another units. This tutorial walks through how you can control the output units for rotary moves in post builder. 

One of the risks of reworking any type of mold — whether it’s vacuum or injection mold or wax injection — is the risk of scraping your original tool. Making sure you've got good information to start is paramount.

Pat Barrett from Sherpa Design and Applied CAx explains from our CMM and programming room a procedure we use to help rework mold tools.

On this particular project we were provided 4 of the same mold cavities and needed to rework them to put in some inserts and add additional features that weren't there before. 


This tutorial video is an answer to a customer support question about the NX CAM Reuse Library for Siemens NX10. It looks at setup issues, and help finding catalog items in the reuse library. It makes use of Siemens resources, and we've provided those links both below, and in the video description.