The following software notification has been issued by Siemens PLM Software.

Affected Software: Teamcenter 10.1.4 and higher version


String objects consume a large amount of memory in an average application. In practice, a lot of Strings could be duplicated due to various reasons. Java 8 has introduced a new feature called String Deduplication, reducing memory footprint of java application.


Our Teamcenter expert Randy Ellsworth recently dove into the Siemens help forum to give advice to a domain architect looking to consolidate 4 servers spread across the US, Netherlands, and Taiwan. The goal was to achieve Global Change management while providing the benefit of NX user connections.

As Randy puts it in the forum, the site consolidation tools are your best friend in this situation. He advocates for employing low-level tcxml, which includes cvs2tcxml. His other advice includes:

  • You probably want to have a distributed "NX Custom" folder structure, with the main at the central location - synced to remotes (scheduled task or cron) - allowing unique remote content, to maintain corporate standards and files. The benefit is the administration is simpler and nothing special needs to be installed on clients.
  • You can use a similar concept for distributing TC/NX help and other static content via the remote File Management Systems (FMS).
  • You want location specific rich client flavors (differing parent FSC) which point to the remote FSC's (delineated by IP range is best).
  • You may want to add more rich client flavors for Minimum, NX, NX+MSO, MSO and SuperSet[Admin] feature sets.

Please visit the full thread for other, ongoing tips and tricks.