Siemens suggests using Configurations to run multiple clients on the same machine. However, that can cause an issue when you want to upgrade or patch. For instance, let’s say that your Production client is at 10.1.3 and you patch the Test environment to Tc10.1.4. How do you upgrade the Test client without affecting the Production client installation?

Let’s look at another way of doing things...

Since the release of Teamcenter 8.3 and through Teamcenter 10.1.4, Siemens has provided a license usage script that reads the FlexLM license server log file and converts its usage information into a more readable format that can be imported into Microsoft Excel.

Figure 01 below shows the resulting report after it has been imported into a spreadsheet and the primary entries that are retrieved from the log file. Other entries that are not displayed in this window can be imported from the utility’s output and displayed as you choose.