Affected Software: Teamcenter 10.1.x End of Standard Maintenance

Affected Software: Teamcenter 10.1.x
Scope: 10.1.x


Teamcenter 10.1.x End of Standard Maintenance is December 1, 2018.  Planned Maintenance Releases will continue until December 1, 2017.  After December 1, 2017 Maintenance Releases will be provided only on request.

It is recommended that customers move to the latest Teamcenter 10.1.x release to receive patches for critical escalated issues.


Affected Software: Teamcenter Security Service 10.1.7
Associated PR Number(s): 7927561
Scope: Windows Client running IE 11 in IE5 emulation mode

Users have reported that the TcSS Login page fails to render on Internet Explorer 11 under some conditions. Instead, users will see a blank white screen on their browser.

Selecting “View->Source” on the browser will show that the Login Page has indeed loaded.