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Affected Software: Teamcenter - Tc11.x,  Tc10.1.x, Tc9.1.x
Associated PR Number(s): 7511816, 8250477, 7523920
Scope: Teamcenter

Microsoft and Google have deprecated support for SHA-1 certificates. Their upcoming actions may affect websites using SHA-1 certificates which expired as early as January 2016.  Windows 7 and later versions will stop accepting code signed with SHA-1 certificates that were made prior to January 1, 2016 if they lack expiry timestamps. Code signed with SHA-1 certificates that are time stamped before 1 January, 2016 will be accepted until 1 January 2017 at latest. This date may be moved earlier if Microsoft decides SHA1 is vulnerable to pre-image attack.

Read on for fixes and remedies

Affected Software: NX, Teamcenter (TC)
Associated PR Number(s): 7912475, 7884777, 7941876
Scope: TC 11.2.1.x, TC 11.2.2.x, TC 10.1.7.x


Following refile the ownership on some forms (e.g. NX0Application-Info form) is being changed from the original owner to the user running the refile. If the original owner then loads the part into NX and tries to save the part, the Save fails.


The following TC versions contain the needed patches:  
Patch =
Patch = Tc