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CAD Support

Complete computer-aided manufacturing solution for machine tool programming, postprocessing and machine tool simulation.

CAD Support

In order to better respond to the ever-growing simulation needs of our customers, Siemens PLM Software has decided to replace the NX Motion Simulation (UG11031) product and the NX Mechanism product (UG2620) with the product NX Motion (NX30557). This solver provides the same as well as additional enhanced multi-body simulation solver capabilities.

The replacement and retirement of NX Motion Simulation (UG11031) and Mechanism product (UG2620) will take full effect at the release of NX 13. To allow customers to gradually transition to the new product and solver, the replacement product (NX Motion, NX30557) is available today with NX 11. This ensures that customers have ample time to validate the new solver technology on proprietary data and processes.

NX 12 removes barriers to innovation and empowers engineers to quickly achieve optimal design solutions by utilizing their full creative potential. This release includes hundreds of end-user CAD enhancements that will increase your productivity. One example is the simultaneous display of multiple windows, which greatly improves concurrent working methods.

Users should keep in mind that end of maintenance for NX 10 was November 9th.

Building on major enhancements introduced in NX 11, such as Convergent Modeling, NX 12 delivers refined tools that support the generative design workflow by allowing direct manipulation of scanned or optimized facet geometry. In addition, its close integration with Mentor Graphics Capital unites electrical, mechanical and control systems in a single integrated platform. To support the increasing adoption of additive manufacturing, this release combines advanced tools with traditional modeling methods for designing lightweight parts, reinforcing the new capabilities with custom design validation checkers that ensure manufacturability.

Together, with topology optimization, non-linear solutions, and hundreds of additional enhancements in Simulation and Manufacturing, this new functionality will bolster NX's standing as the design tool of choice. For more info click here for NX 12 features.

SUBJECT:  License Borrowing Enabled by Default
Affected Software: NX - as well as NX Nastran, Tecnomatix, TC Visualization, FactoryCAD, Jack, I-Deas
Scope: Windows operating system

Effective May 2, 2017, all license files generated for customers with products that support borrowing and utilize the common licensing vendor daemon (ugslmd) will have borrowing enabled by default. In the past, a special ‘borrowing’ product had to be added to the software configuration to enable the license borrowing capability. This is no longer a requirement and any license file generated will include the BORROW keyword on the INCREMENT lines for those products.

The following product lines are affected:

Affected Software: NX 8.0.X, NX 8.5.X, NX 9.0.X, NX 10.0.X, NX 11.0.X
Scope: All platforms

End of Maintenance dates for NX Release versions are listed below.

Of interest to our customers might be that NX 10 end of maintenance is November 9th of this year.

These dates represent when Siemens PLM Software will discontinue MP (Maintenance Pack) support and customer specific patches (HF).  No further updates or fixes will be issued for the corresponding NX version after these dates.
                  |  NX Release        |     End of Maintenance     |
                  |  NX 8.0            |     March 31, 2014         |
                  |  NX 8.0.1          |     June 30, 2014          |
                  |  NX 8.0.2          |     March 31, 2015         |
                  |  NX 8.0.3          |     March 31, 2015         |
                  |  NX 8.5            |     March 31, 2014         |
                  |  NX 8.5.1          |     December 31, 2014      |
                  |  NX 8.5.2          |     March 31, 2015         |
                  |  NX 8.5.3          |     December 31, 2015      |
                  |  NX 9.0            |     September 27, 2014     |
                  |  NX 9.0.1          |     March 31, 2016         |
                  |  NX 9.0.2          |     June 30, 2016          |
                  |  NX 9.0.3          |     September 27, 2016     |
                  |  NX 10.0           |     December 19, 2015      |
                  |  NX 10.0.1         |     December 31, 2016      |
                  |  NX 10.0.2         |     March 30, 2017         |
                  |  NX 10.0.3         |     November 9, 2017       |
                  |  NX 11.0           |     January 29, 2018       |
                  |  NX 11.0.1         |     July 19, 2018          |
                  |  NX 11.0.2         |     December 21, 2018      |

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