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NX CAM Support

Complete computer-aided manufacturing solution for machine tool programming, postprocessing and machine tool simulation.

CAM Support




Aaron Blake is our manufacturing engineer. With 6+ years of experience specializing in all things CAM, CNC, and manufacturing, Aaron helps with our NX CAM support questions. As importantly, he manages our 5-axis precision machine shop day in and day out.

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Hank Boehmer


Hank Boehmer is NX CAM Application Engineer for Applied CAx and Sherpa Design. Hank focuses on post-processor development, machine simulation, creating custom controller macros, integrated probing routines, and NX CAM support for our software clients

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Elizabeth Davis is NX Application Engineer for Applied CAx, focusing on CAM and process improvements. Along with a deep proficiency in NX, Elizabeth is skilled in utilizing NX Open to create timesaving applications for NX.

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I would rate Applied CAx’s NX CAM support as excellent, entirely because of Michael Grant... Michael's fast and very efficient. He has good knowledge of programming tools in my experience. He’s got a breadth of knowledge, and specifically his knowledge about 5-axis programming has been invaluable. I don’t know how long it would have taken us to troubleshoot the generic post for the Siemens control. It’s lucky for us that we have the same machine as Sherpa Design [DMU 50], and Michael has a lot of experience with that machine/control combination.

Michael's also worked with us to incorporate some of our automated shop floor documentation within the post. He’s taken the time to get a good working knowledge of what we have and has recommended better methodologies to do what we have been doing, such that we’re always moving forward. He always seems to be come up with better solutions to what we have been doing.

The thing that I appreciate about Michael is that he’s always going above and beyond to help us out. That’s just the type of person he is, and it speaks highly of Applied’s support. Michael has worked with us on off hours because we have swing shift staffers working on 5-axis issues. He’s called us from his house and worked from his home, which weren’t his standard working hours. You can’t expect everyone to do that.

In terms of response time, I can usually get a response from him very quickly, he’s always very good at getting back to me. If he’s teaching a class, he lets me know. It might be a few days before he can commit his help, but I always know what the score is for the ability for him to help out. He just makes for a great resource. He’s accommodated us when we’ve needed it, made himself available to fit our schedule.

Michael has also made suggestions of how we can make improvements, and how we can streamline our processes, and I’m open to that. We’ve run into situations with upgrades that have caused issues with our internally developed grip programs. We’re looking forward to working with Applied CAx to review our current work flow and recommend how we can streamline our processes using industry best practices.

John Kuran

Michael Grant and Hank Boehmer were very helpful with the questions for CAM issues we were having. Michael was able to help us create tool paths for parts that needed single point thread milling (serrations).

Hank came out to help us with an issue that when we coded files, the tools would only move in linear motions. He took a copy of the file with him to do some research on the issue and reported his results back to us. Both Michael and Hank were prompt at coming out to our shop and getting us answers to our questions.

Chris Aronson
Setup Machinist/Programmer / Arnprior Aerospace

The support from Applied CAx has been excellent. Michael Grant, Aaron Blake and Matt Martin are always willing to help with any issues I encounter. They have gone above and beyond to provide us with phenomenal support. Together they have helped me with Post modifications, Modeling, CAM questions and everything in between. Everyone has been friendly, patient and always follow up to make sure my needs have been met.

Shae Hanson
Tooling Supervisor / Accel Plastics

Applied CAx and Michael have always been very supportive of me. I struggled initially and Michael set up video conferencing to coach me through my issues. I have no complaints with their service and would strongly suggest purchasing software from Applied CAx.

Wade Ballard
PDE Engineer / Mergon Corporation