Another great webinar from Applied CAx. I very much appreciate the descriptions, the reference sources, the logic and rational about when things are enough or too much, and even all the extra items that you talk about. When the webinar recording comes out on your site, I like to go through it again very slowly and listen very carefully and make sure I understand all your points. I very much appreciate you providing these webinars, that is why I switched to Applied CAx as my VAR. I first learned of Applied CAx when I was working at SpaceX, and one of your webinars was used by our engineering group to help explain some aspect of FEMAP.

David Sample
Owner/Engineer / Reliant Engineering & Design

After making the decision to purchase FEMAP, I knew I would be facing a potentially steep learning curve. I had used MSC Patran for the last 7 years, but had decided to go with FEMAP due to excellent reviews from friends and colleagues. I signed up for the Applied CAx weeklong training course and found myself picking things up very quickly. Adrian and Kyle from Applied CAx really know the program inside and out. They helped build my FEMAP foundation during the day and during breaks would help me with specific problems pertaining to my work. In that week of training, I found FEMAP to be intuitive and the training from Applied CAx to be top notch.

You can't learn everything in a week, so my questions for the team at Applied CAx only increased after the training. Adrian consistently gets back to me within a few hours with helpful tips or insights. Engineers know that you can't extend a deadline because your FEA support was late in getting back to you. This is why I truly appreciate the level of support Applied CAx provides. In some cases, my questions have been related to the inner workings of the Nastran DMAP code. In each case, Adrian put me in contact with the correct person from Siemens within a few hours.

I’ve been impressed by Applied CAx since I purchased FEMAP and I look forward to working with them as my analyses continue to get more complicated. They are an excellent resource and I’m glad to have their support.

Allen Foulstone
Sr. Systems Engineer / Stratolaunch

LTK has had a long history with using ANSYS, as the most experienced and prominent FEA experts have been using ANSYS for a while. One of our senior engineers used FEMAP once and really liked it, so we decided to pursue it as it was very compatible with various input files. The enhancement of the geometry engine was a huge plus.

As the use of commercial FEA software was somewhat new to LTK, the first reseller got the opportunity for selling 5 seats and also the maintenance account for all 5 seats. When I started working at LTK in 2013, my CAD and FEA skills from the auto industry helped us pursue more work and I also started using FEMAP extensively for FE modeling and analysis. From then our business has grown well and we have been using FEMAP for various forensic studies.

Our previous reseller was contacted for tech support on many occasions and it would take a lot of time for them to get back to us and sometimes tech support was provided by emails. This seemed very primitive to me. Matter of fact, before the tech support got back to me, I was able to troubleshoot using the FEMAP help system but as well, most of the time with Applied CAx’s YouTube channel. I really liked the way all the information was presented, so I subscribed to the channel.

I got to know that Applied CAx had webinars and hence registered for one, and from then on I have not missed any. I contacted Adrian Jensen to inquire about the maintenance account and I got a very good response from him which made me feel very confident of their services and I was able to take responsibility for a change of account with LTK management. I put together a presentation and showed the management the benefits of transferring the account and I was not confronted with any questions and eventually when the time came, I worked with Applied CAx’s sales person and transferred the maintenance account.

One more important aspect I liked was the availability of LS-DYNA and George Laird being an expert I thought would be big plus for us. I foresee the use of LS-DYNA a lot in our business in the future so I personally wanted LTK to have a one stop shop for all capabilities. I personally am trying to get registered for LS-DYNA training so that we get ready for our future.

As far as tech support is concerned, I have had fast and top quality responses. The awesome thing is, I get a lot of information during the support communication, also get the full concept and learn a lot. Even if the issue is very simple, I get quick response. If someone asked me about buying Siemens products and LS-DYNA, I will surely recommend Applied CAx for it.

Srivatsa Pradeep
Staff Consultant / LTK Engineering Services

Applied CAx and Predictive Engineering experts are very knowledgeable about the products we've evaluated and used. They and the other staff provide consistently great support during product evaluation and after purchase.

Matt Bristol

After having worked with a couple of FEMAP suppliers in the past I can say that Adrian at Applied CAx has far exceeded my expectations. I seem to never wait more than a few hours for an email response, which is amazing considering we are on opposite coasts.

We use FEA for vessel design and having the support from Applied that helps break down the core problem to simple examples helps in multiple ways:

First, it's the proper FEA technique so we aren't just barrelling through issues, it's a methodical way to a solution.

Second, it's easily explainable to all within the office who are not FEA savvy but are interested in what we do to help our clients. 

As well the sales side has accommodated us in every way. Since I am the technical guy here, I have explained to other suppliers to "please change all billing issues to our office manager." Erik is the first one to enact that and stick with it.

All in all Applied CAx has been a pleasure to work with.

Nathan Seelig
Mechanical Engineer, NAMS Associate / Bristol Harbor Group, Inc.

I just want to take a moment to send along my sincere compliments and appreciation for the outstanding job that you and your team at Applied CAx do with preparing and providing the content in your technical seminars and white papers.  I just went through the Weld Modeling and Analysis seminar and it was very helpful.

This just reinforces why I decided to have Applied CAX provide our maintenance and support. Your company’s Femap library and completeness of content adds tremendous value to engineers.
Thanks to you and your team, especially Adrian Jensen.  Also special thanks to George Rudy and Mark Sherman at Siemens for producing such an awesome product.

Randy Brown

I’ve been working with Predictive Engineering and Applied CAx for more than ten years. Their customer support and technical experience is the best in the industry. Over the years I’ve thrown some pretty arcane questions at Dr. Laird, and on the rare occasion that they don’t have an immediate answer, they’ll dig into the issue and get back to us right away. Combined with their training and other services, Predictive Engineering and Applied CAx is an awesome ally to have as a resource.

Kenneth Biggio
Structural Analysis Lead / Abengoa Solar

There are other software options and resellers to choose from, but the outstanding technical support and personal service from Applied CAx and Predictive Engineering is above and beyond the competition. George Laird and his dedicated team use the software every day to expertly solve real world problems and then also freely share their knowledge and time when technical support is needed. They provide prompt, professional support which is critical in keeping jobs moving efficiently and keeping our customers happy. They understand the realities of short flow, limited hours, and the need to still get the job done correctly.

Brian Reiling
Brian Reiling Partner/Engineer / Endeavor Analysis

Chris Aronson designs the machining process at Arnprior Aerospace while knuckling down on NC programming as well. At Arnprior they currently program for 5-axis manufacturing for a Makino MAG1 and a Mori Seiki NV5000 with a Trunnion 5ax.

Arnprior currently uses NX for both CAD and CAM in their fixture design and NC programming. They say that NX is great at modeling 3D shapes. Chris also utilizes the integration between the CAD and CAM packages. He’s not currently using competing software, but says the little he’s used it, NX’s modeling shines way above what MasterCAM is capable of. NX does well with complex geometry while MasterCAM struggles. That said, he’d like to see NX simplify some of its complex tool paths.

Chris says, "Applied CAx's support has been exceptional. Every time we need a question answered they are prompt at getting it answered. They will even come out to our shop, if they have time, to provide help with modeling and tool paths. They have been a great partner."

"I've attended a few Applied trainings on the CAM side. The classes are always informative and sometimes surprise with little things to make everyday programming easier."

Chris Aronson
Setup Machinist/Programmer / Arnprior Aerospace

The support from Applied CAx has been excellent. The team has always been willing to help with any issues I encounter. They have gone above and beyond to provide us with phenomenal support. Together they have helped me with Post modifications, Modeling, CAM questions and everything in between. Everyone has been friendly, patient and always follow up to make sure my needs have been met.

Shae Hanson
Tooling Supervisor / Accel Plastics