GALLERY: FEMAP Training 2015-2017

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Our Femap Training Class Instructors:
Femap training for Applied CAx and Predictive Engineering are held by co-instructors Dr. George Laird, PhD, PE, and Adrian Jensen, PE. Besides training, at Predictive Engineering George and Adrian also specialize in FEA consulting, CFD consulting, LS-DYNA analysis, and ASME BPVC Pressure Vessel Consulting Services


"JCI is a manufacturer of heavy equipment in the aggregate industry. JCI's core products are vibrating screens, cone rock crushers, and portable plants.

JCI recently made the transition from FEA by PTC Mechaninca to Nastran. Our major problem was identifying the natural frequency of vibrating screens before they were manufactured. Mechanica did not have the power to analyze a large model. We put our hopes that Nastran could get us there. In fact George guaranteed that we would.

For our training George had laid out a fantastic training format. We set up a conference room with all of our workstations. George loaded a CD with all of the class examples. Included with the Nastran examples we were provided a book with a brief synopsis of each example. The most novel part of the training was the AVI file included on the examples CD.

This AVI could be played on an individual basis so each student could learn at their own pace. Basically George would get us started and then provide assistance to those who needed it. The other nice aspect of the AVI was the capability of backing up in the lecture and making sure you understood each section before you proceeded. Also the AVI's were ours to keep in case we need a refresher course or need to bring a new employee quickly up to speed.

Today JCI is using Nastran successfully on plant frames, crusher components and vibrating screens. When we have a question, George takes care of us. This has to be the best support knowledge and training I have ever seen for any software anywhere."

Ben Boyce
Mechanical Design Engineer
Eugene, OR 97405