In this technical seminar, we will be taking the grand tour of the PostProcessing Toolbox. Any experienced Simcenter Femap user will know their way around the Toolbox, but it is a worthwhile talking point because it’s always changing and improving. More so, the real FEMAP veterans have been using the software since before the Toolbox existed, so we want a chance to update your ways.

We explore post outside of the Toolbox by moving on to the Charting Pane. This is a fantastic tool for plotting information related to your dynamic and nonlinear analysis results. And as always, we will automate some of the tasks with the FEMAP API. We use existing APIs (programs, scripts, macros… whatever you want to call them) to export data to Excel, create custom output vectors and modify the view settings within Femap.

Presented by Adrian Jensen, PE, Senior Application Engineer.


Date: TBA
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