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Applied CAx is a Portland, Oregon-based partnership of two engineering companies. Our combination of a mechanical design firm, precision machine shop, and FEA consultancy allows us to deliver the strongest support of any Siemens software provider in the US. Our mission is to provide clients with the world's most advanced engineering software, training and support.

When it comes to modern engineering, there’s often an unspoken elephant in the room: the truth is the easy problems are gone. They were tackled and conquered. The current demands of the marketplace and the workplace mean one can’t just do “some CFD” or “run a quick stress analysis.”

To truly innovate and design advanced products, engineers have to go beyond just their building and stop working in isolation. One engineer’s skills, as impressive as they are, is not going to be enough. To create fresh and ingenious products, an engineer should have access to a community of knowledge that spans the spectrum from CAD to CAE to PDM and all of the other acronyms that one person can’t know on their own.

Applied CAx is comprised of working engineers, out in the field, working onsite, consulting, teaming up, and providing solutions. Our team of 30 degreed engineers bring unique skills in CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, PLM, MBD and PMI. That’s why our company motto means so much to us: We do this every day.

Please take a look around and review our FEMAP & NX Nastran packages, our NX software packages, our upcoming training classes, and our resources. And feel free to contact us at any time.



More About Our Company and Affiliate Partners:

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Applied CAx was founded in 2008 and has quickly grown to become a gold-level Siemens PLM solution partner with clients across North America. Our customers cover a diverse range of industries from aerospace and energy to automotive, marine and high tech electronics manufacturers. Over the years, companies have come to rely upon our real-world knowledge for software recommendations, instructor-led training, technical support and, above all, peace of mind.


Sherpa Design

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Sherpa Design
is a fast growing mechanical engineering and design services firm founded by Pat Barrett in 2001. Specializing in 3-D modeling using popular CAD systems such as NX, Pro/Engineer and Solidworks, Sherpa employs more than a dozen top notch mechanical and design engineers. Sherpa's services include rapid prototyping, product design and on-site mechanical engineering contract services. In addition, Sherpa Design offers clients 3-D printing, coordinated measurement inspections (CMM) and short run machine shop (CNC) services.


Predictive Engineering

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Predictive Engineering
is a finite element analysis (FEA) consultancy founded by George Laird, Ph.D., P.E. in 1995. Specializing in analysis tools Femap & NX Nastran, CFdesign and LS-DYNA, Predictive provides clients with a host of advanced engineering simulation and analysis services, including CFD consulting, LS-DYNA services, and LS-DYNA training. Whether it be software solutions or consulting, Predictive Engineering has the knowledge, experience and technology to help your company take full advantage of FEA.



Our CAE (FEMAP, NX Nastran, LS-DYNA & STAR CCM+) expert George Laird

George Laird, PhD

George Laird, Phd, PE, is Principal Mechanical Engineer for Applied CAx and Predictive Engineering. Author of over 40 publications on wear, fracture mechanics and finite element analysis, and the “Abrasion-Resistant Cast Iron Handbook.” Dr. Laird has 16+ years of industrial LS-DYNA / FEMAP / CFD experience, with his doctorate in engineering mechanics (fracture and fatigue). His scientific research focused on structure property relationships for composite materials, ceramics and… READ MORE

Our CAD-CAM-PLM solutions expert Patrick Barrett

Pat Barrett LinkedIn pic

Patrick Barrett is director of CAD-CAM-PLM solutions for Applied CAx, and founder & owner of Sherpa Design. Pat’s many specialties include mechanical product design, rapid prototyping, business development, user training, and getting it done. Pat has more than 18 years of mechanical consulting and product development experience. Before founding Sherpa Design in 2001, he received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and worked at an east coast… READ MORE

Our CAD/CAM expert Michael Grant

Michael Grant linkedin

Michael Grant is Applied CAx's Director of Manufacturing Technologies. Designing injection molds in CAD and program mold-making in CAM, Michael drives the development process from beginning to end. He tackles his projects with extensive hands-on experience. In previous projects, he has shown an ability to decrease cycle times by up to 300% and significantly improve product quality. His passion for design, overall process, and quality improvement continues to grow. For customers and clients of… READ MORE

Our FEMAP, API and NX Nastran expert Adrian Jensen

Adrian Jensen 378 square

Adrian Jensen, PE, is a Senior Application Engineer for Applied CAx and a Senior Staff Engineer at Predictive Engineering. With 8+ years of experience, Adrian specializes in all things FEMAP: geometry modeling, meshing, analysis, post processing and programming with the FEMAP API. Adrian studied mechanical engineering at Oregon State University and puts his background to use at Predictive Engineering as a simulation engineer. His curriculum vitae includes stress, vibration, flow and heat… READ MORE

Our NX CAD expert Matt Martin

Matt 300px

Matt Martin is Mechanical Design Engineer for Applied CAx and Sherpa Design, handling our NX CAD support and aspects of our Teamcenter services. Matt has been with the team since 2006 and is our go-to expert for CAD support, service, and training. Matt provides mechanical design services for Sherpa Design and has years of experience working throughout the industry. He's earned a reputation as the "go-to" person to take workflows and techniques to another level. His expertise is sought after by… READ MORE

Our Teamcenter expert Randy Ellsworth

Randy Ellsworth

Randy Ellsworth is one of Applied CAx's Teamcenter Solution Architect and resident Teamcenter experts. Randy provides strategic consulting, aligning Teamcenter with business practices while generating a road map for businesses and their data. As well Randy provides comprehensive installation and configuration of Teamcenter Unified, Teamcenter CAD integrations (mainly NX but also NX I-deas), and conducts site and performance evaluations. His additional Teamcenter services include implementation… READ MORE

Our NX CAM Application Engineer Hank Boehmer

Hank Boehmer

Hank Boehmer is NX CAM Application Engineer for Applied CAx and Sherpa Design. Hank focuses on post-processor development, machine simulation, creating custom controller macros, integrated probing routines, and NX CAM support for our software clients. Hank previously worked at orthopedic medical device manufacturer, Acumed, in the plate cell division. Hank rapidly went from training to CNC programming, helping to transition parts from prototypes to production runs at production capacity. There… READ MORE

Our Teamcenter expert Arden Bedell

Teamcenter services expert Arden Bedell

Arden Bedell is one of Applied CAx's Teamcenter Architect and resident Teamcenter experts. Arden has broad-based experience in computer aided engineering, proven team leadership skills, and an understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction. He provides administration, user support, and installation of Siemens NX, Teamcenter UA, and NX I-DEAS. His additional expertise is in administration and installation of electrical engineering CAE applications, project management, and is proficient… READ MORE

Our NX CAM Programmer Machinist Aaron Blake

Aaron Blake

Aaron Blake is our manufacturing engineer. With 6+ years of experience specializing in all things CAM, CNC, and manufacturing, Aaron helps with our NX CAM support questions. More importantly he manages our 5-axis machining projects at Sherpa Design day in and day out, refining the programming and getting projects to the finish line. One of his favorite work duties is looking at parts and figuring out the best way for them to be manufactured. As he says, "I'ms proud to have manufactured parts… READ MORE

NX CAE instructor Jacob Livshits

Jacob Livshits podium 200px

Jacob is a third-generation mechanical engineer, specializing in stress and structural analysis. He has more than 15 years of experience in finite element analysis of structures, mostly airborne, and in his career works as an individual specialist, providing complete technical solutions with little or no external support. For the last 5 years he has worked at an Israeli SPLM reseller/sole representative, championing Siemens PLM’s ever increasing portfolio of engineering simulation software for… READ MORE