When you’re a mechanical engineer, and you have access to great CAD & a cutting-edge 3D printer, how do you fix the busted blinker on your motorcycle?

Using new Topology Optimization features in NX of course! Includes a walkthrough tutorial of using Topology Optimization in NX CAD.

After some helpful pre-announcements and much speculation, Siemens has laid out their next vision for NX. Starting in January 2019, NX will use a Continuous Release methodology. 

This should see Siemens phase out a common versioning methodology, whose latest version is 12.0.1. As catchy as "NX-Not-13" sounds, the NX Continuous Release method should be a relief for customers accustomed to slightly laborious upgrades from version to version. These often required skillful coordination between licenses, servers and computers, not to mention files and add-ons.

We recently held a great event for the Pacific NW community showcasing what NX can do.

In this presentation we covered topics including:

  • Variable Offset Face
  • Combine
  • Flattening & Forming – Controlling Distortion and Ripping Edges
  • Lattice Enhancements
  • Delete Child Features – enhancements
  • Analyze Pocket/Blend Pocket – enhancements
  • Sheet Metal – Tab & Flange Enhancements
  • Renew Feature
  • Introduction to NX Layout / Animation Designer