Weds, June 27th, 8:30am PT

Join us in our upcoming Teamcenter PLM webinar, where we’ll demonstrate multi-CAD functionality by showing examples using Solidworks, Creo and NX.

This PLM demo is intended to give users an overview of checking in and out parts, and importing an assembly from native files. We’ll begin with a SolidWorks integration demo, move on to a Creo integration demo, and then wrap up our session with a NX-managed Multi-CAD assembly.

If your team has struggled with managing CAD data, or you have a multi-CAD environment, this is a good opportunity to explore your options.

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Our Teamcenter architect recently gave a demo of Creo within the Teamcenter environment. It was perfect for sharing with others, so here it is in all its glory. This demo is intended for first-look users of Teamcenter, giving them an overview of details such as the home folder, folder sharing, common folders, and unique folders. As well it covers quick actions, worklists, assignments, task lists, project lists, recent work, and the preview screen preferences.

After that we cover Teamcenter items (the top level object in Teamcenter), creating revisions, datasets and starting up Creo within Teamcenter with first-time adjustments, attribute mapping, release status dialogs, and fetching & checking out items.